Samsung Washing Machine Buying Guide

Washing Machines have become an essential household appliance for every busy family. There are many washing machines available in the market with different features. Choosing the correct one for you is indeed a challenging task.

Samsung Washing Machines differ from one other based on their features, washing capacity, and load and function. Some of the Samsung washing machine’s unique features are temperature control, washing programs, digital display, child lock, protective-rat mesh, quick wash, etc.

Samsung Washing can be distinguished into two basic categories:

  • Semi-Automatic Washing Machine
  • Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

It involves manual work. It has two tubs in it, one for washing and the other for drying. In this type of washing machine, you need to fill water in the drum, add detergent, drain out the dirty water, unload the wet laundry, and put it inside the dryer tub. This type of washing machine is very time-consuming.

These washing machine types are energy efficient as they consume less electricity and need less water.

Features of Semi-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine-

  • Hexa-Storm Pulsator – this feature lets multi-directional water flow for a thorough wash.
  • Double-Storm Pulsator – it creates a powerful water current that helps move the laundry around the drum.

Fully- Automatic Washing Machines, as the title says, the laundry process takes place, right from start to finish, just by one touch. It does not require any manual transfer of laundry from one tub to another like a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine. All you need to do is fill the wash drum with water, add soap, and choose the wash process. You will have to take the laundry out only once it is cleaned.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machine is beneficial to the buyers who are generated by time and prefer a streamlined process. These washing machine types are much more superficial comparing to a semi-automatic washing machine.

Fully –Automatic Washing machine are of two types-

  1. Front Load Washing Machine
  2. Top-Load Washing Machine

In the Front-Load Washing Machine, the laundry is to be put into the front end. These washing machines come with various washing options and good cleaning abilities and are also gentler to clothes.

Front-load washing machines do not take much space to fit in. It can be kept in any kitchen top or any utility area.

Features of Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

  • AddWashTM – this feature of Samsung Allows you to add more detergent for load laundry wash.
  • Ceramic Heater allows the washing machine to heat the water’s temperature for the laundry wash.

In Top-Load washing machines, the laundry is to be put inside from the top end. You do not need to bend down to put the laundry into the drum; hence they are a good option for buyers with mobility issues.

Features of Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

  • Digital Inverter Motor – this feature uses a magnet to drive the drum, reducing friction in the washing machine motor.
  • ActivWash+ features a built-in sink in a wavy pattern at the bottom along with a water jet button. This feature helps to soak and scrub the tough stains and allows you to hand wash delicate clothes.

Additional Features of A Samsung Washing Machine

Washing Machine Capacity -It is measured in Kilograms. The more the Kilogram, the more laundry it can hold at a time.

Size and Measurement of the Washing Machine- standard washing machines differ in dimensions. Buyers are recommended to double-check the width and height of the washing machine before buying.

Drums Material- every washing machine drum is not made up of the same material. Samsung’s stainless steel drum has a small, deep-set hole and a smoother surface, which reduces the tear of laundry. Stainless steel is durable and is rust free.


Selecting washing machines can be tough thus various washing machines advise you to get in touch with the nearest Samsung washing machine service center. This ensures that you will get the best and technology advanced washing machine at the best and affordable price.

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