Tips to Create a Sales Gimmick

    sales gimmick

    Whether you are a start-up or an established business, you will need a sales gimmick to attract users? attention. It is one of the most effective ways to connect with your target audience and close the deal. There are many types of gimmick, but they will pay you off if they are engaging enough to entice your users to take the desired action.

    A gimmick is usually a trick to encourage your target audience to take the desired action as soon as possible. For instance, if you are selling a weight loss supplement, you can say that you can trim down within a week. Likewise, if you are selling chocolate, you can say that it can bust your stress because it releases endorphins in the brain.

    When you are creating a gimmick, you need to establish the value of your product to boost its sales. Sometimes they involve a sense of exaggeration, but you need to be realistic. You cannot highlight a benefit or feature of a product that it does not involve.

    For instance, it is conspicuous that chocolate cannot make you stress-free because it is up to you how you regulate your thought process, but it indeed releases endorphins. Similarly, your weight loss supplement will consist of some ingredients to help lose pounds, but that will naturally not be possible within a week. Here is how you can create a catchy gimmick to boost sales.

    Make it, but it does not seem like a gimmick

    Since there are several types of gimmicks, you must choose the appropriate one that fits your products or services. A rule of thumb says that a good gimmick is one that attracts attention from a lot of people but does not seem like a gimmick.

    For instance, when you say that you can lose 5kg weight within just a week, it seems a gimmick. People may not find it worth investing in your product because of the outlandish claim. If you want to attract the attention of a lot of people, you can choose one of the following ways:

    • You can offer free shipping.
    • You can create combo packs, for instance, a pack of two or three different products.
    • You can use psychological pricing effect like (X) ?250 (?) ?150
    • You can also run coupons and special offers as an effective gimmick.

    Brace yourself for users? objections

    Customers are picky, and they find a way easily to reject your deal. When you prepare a gimmick, you should ask yourself as a customer if there is any objection your target audience may raise. If you find any, you should immediately address them.

    For instance, your product may be available at higher prices than the market. If this is the scenario, you should mention the top-quality features of your product to convince your audience to invest in your product. You need to justify it. Otherwise, you will not be able to pitch your users.

    Include a call-to-action

    Call-to-action is one of the most significant parts of your sales gimmick. Without introducing a call-to-action, your gimmick is incomplete. If you introduce the call-to-action, people will be encouraged to buy your product immediately.

    However, make sure that you have the appropriate call-to-action. It should include a sense of urgency. Try to avoid using clich?d words like act now, limited offer, and the like. You should choose some different words like now or never, take advantage of this offer by the end of this week to induce people to take action without further ado. Urgency can create the fear of missing out in people that will lead them to take action immediately.

    Tailor it to all social media channels

    You can make most of your effort if you tailor the gimmick to all social media channels. Make sure that the pitch you create is consistent across all networking sites, so they do not find any difference when they meet you in person or talk to your customer care staff. Make sure that the tone you have set is aimed at targeting your users.  

    Keep it subject to changes

    It is not surprising that the gimmick that drives sales becomes less effective over time. If it happens so, you should try to create a new one. Understand the market, set your goals and then create a new one. Note that you have to keep changing over time. This is how it works. You cannot rely on the one gimmick to keep the sales graph up.

    Creating a sales gimmick is not difficult at all provided you remember the points mentioned above. If you are not a marketing expert, you can hire the one who can suggest to you how you can attract the attention of your users. Do not forget that it will cost you additional Euros, but you do not need to worry as long as there are instant loans in Ireland.

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