The Ultimate Sales Force Automation Software Solution For FMCG Business

Sales force Automation (SFA) stands for software apps for sales management that offer automated workflows that bring in a smoothened sales procedure to handle business leads, sales forecasts, and team-based performance. It’s primarily a type of software that immensely eases the business procedure and aim achievement.

Sales force Automation Solution lets sales teams concentrate on the most essential tasks by letting sales team members take a break from administrative tasks, sales force automation tools let reps invest more time on the operations more likely to outcome in sales.


BeatRoute is an AI-Mechanized Order Taking App that serves a team for additional trade by highering the product’s value from every visiting store. Beatroute helps to smoothen your total supply chain management for higher productivity apart from acquiring boosted visibility, thus bringing in input for planning strategies including store-level investments, team performance, and also trade schemes capabilities.

Sales force Automation Solution by BeatRoute

With the trade promotion schemes, Beatroute allows trading a broad range of products and increases returns, thus assisting you to avert stock-outages and returns and allowing teams to invest the time trading, rather than taking orders. BeatRoute offers a clean user interface and compelling capabilities to ease the performance of field sales operations. Its Aim-Driven Sales Force Automation Software solution is utilized to obtain Increased Sales Output by

Sales Force Automation, contoured by the GPS Intelligence to assure sales rep attendance, timely market coverage, and constancy to the working plan.

Increase face-time with retailers via their SFA Software’s Territory & Route Optimization, while building on business customer relationship management through sales reps.

Increase sales with AI-driven SFA Order Taking App

Reduce the expense of VM audits and acquire more reliable data by catalyzing off-take with an effective Visual Merchandising Audit App.

With the help of BeatRoute’s sales force automation software solution the understanding retail landscape for Segmented Action to execute the quickest and safest KYC identity verification to allow benefit transfer directly to the retailers.

Why Go With BeatRoute

BeatRoute enhances effortless collaboration between all the stakeholders in your sales and distribution activity apart from working as a performance machine for sales teams. The platform is greatly instinctive and possesses a user-friendly interface for the sales executives, managers, distributors, retailers, MIS teams & CXOs. 

BeatRoute brings in faster deployable configurable workflows for customers requiring configurable, designed, and easily adjustable Industry-specific workflows to acquire increased sales over General Trade, Modern Trade, B2B, and HoReCa channels for FMCG industries. Dealers, distributors, and retailers can be brought in on this all-in-one platform over Direct, Partner, and Independent Agents & Banca Channels to obtain levitated sales and merchandising and to improve lead conversions and handle business relationships.

BeatRoute is accurately accessible with a variety of enterprise arrangements from the backend panel, with low to zero-code integration needs. This all-in-one platform either the complete platform or pick or deploy just the workflows and components can be used within weeks according to one’s requirements. BeatRoute is specially designed to support large-scale sales operations as well.

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