6 Safe Driving Tips for When the Fog Comes

Driving in fog is quite a risky and impossible task to procure on daily basis. The danger of driving in fog is high and zero visual on road leads to uncertainties. The dense fog decreases the visibility to nothing and increases accidents on the road. To avoid these issues in the future follow few tips for safe driving in snow.

Drive on Low Beam Lights

The vehicle running on a higher beam cloak the roads and decrease the visibility. The option of using higher beam lights is to have clear visibility of the path but it works opposite in the fog and makes it look denser. Those people who have to drive regularly in fog tend to opt for fog lights or fog lamps from Arrowhead Lexus.

Use Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers help in clear driving as it helps to keep in glass clear. Increase the use of wipers to retain proficient returns and lesser chances of accidents.

Drive slow

Focus on driving speed while driving in fog and maintain a slow speed.  Driving at slow speeds improves the drive and eliminates the hurdles in the way to have a smooth driving experience. When you drive slowly, it allows you to see the turns, potholes, and other obstacles in the way.

Switch on Defroster

Nowadays, vehicles come with a defroster that can be used during the fog. It instantly dries off the windows and consumes less time to grab a cloth and wipe off the windows. The defroster eliminates the distraction from the road and eases the driving without any interruptions.

Maintain distance while driving

Maintain an adequate amount of distance while driving the car and the car in front of you. There might be a chance when you think of the vehicle as a guide running in front of you but it requires maintaining the distance to avoid colossal damage to the vehicle.

If you see dense fog in your way, it is advisable to pull the car and wait rather than speeding up. When you pull the car, turn your hazard lights if in case your vehicle doesn’t have lights contact the nearest dealershipI-5 Motors, and get it replaced at the best price.

Fog is commonly seen in the early mornings and when the sun rises it disappears. If you travel for long periods of time, try to take breaks within hours for a safer and accident-free journey.

Don’t push brakes frequently

When you see the area full of fog, just don’t step on the stop pedal. Take some time, check the vehicles behind you as they are riding at the same speed as you, and slamming on brakes create a collision and reduce visibility. Sudden stoppage of your vehicle can cause more damage than anticipated.

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