Essential Rules for Choosing Jewellery Accessories

Choosing jewellery for your big day can prove a bit overwhelming task. The trends keep on  refreshing every two months. Jewellery is no longer confined to women only (it was not always for women though, you can refer to the history where kings always donned heavy jewellery items). 

The accessories now include many other options like belts, caps, fancy shoes, scarves and handbags but jewellery is above all. A single piece has the power to transform your appearance. It comes in many shapes, sizes, colours and metals, you just have to learn the basic rules to find the best piece that suits your OOTD.?

1. Wear No More Than 2-3 Large Accessories:

Chunky necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets are in trend for the year 2022. You will notice big stylish, colourful and unconventional jewellery all over the fashion weeks this year. The thing in common that you hardly notice is that chunky jewellery is mostly worn solo. You must only choose one or a maximum of 3 large jewellery items altogether. Anything more than this looks clumsy. Stick to this number make sure to wear these chunky jewellery items with monochrome dresses and smaller prints. 

2. Only Use a Full Set of Jewellery If The Items are Small in Size:

Another mistake that most people do is to wear all the items of the set without considering the size and mood of the event. Note down this tip deep down in your mind that it?s not a compulsion to wear all the items from a set every time. You can switch the items according to your clothes and the mood of the event. A complete set only looks beautiful when it?s a minimalist set. Never wear it to your formal events or casual outfits. You can try it out at weddings, anniversary parties or family events.

3. Use Accessories To Transform An Outfit:

As I stated before, an accessory has the power to transform your look completely. Always wear jewellery to elevate your appearance. Keep it balanced and never overdo it. A single piece is enough to make a difference. You can always try it out by changing your earrings or wearing minimalist chains in layers with a pendant. All these little changes are worth it. A simple change with accessories like jewellery, belt, handbags etc. will draw attention towards them and your outfit will seem new every time.

4. Choose A Signature Accessory:

Every person should own a few jewellery pieces that can work as statement pieces. Your signature jewellery talks a lot about your choices and taste in art and craft and knowledge of luxury items. Many people get an instant reflection of you by just looking at your clothes, jewellery and of course the way you carry yourself. Thus, make sure you leave a remarkable impression next time.

5. Consider How Trendy Your Jewellery Is:

Gone are the days when everyone owned an almost similar piece of vintage jewellery like pearls, classic diamonds, signet rings and gold jewellery. We have no offence with your personal choices but there are now a lot of new versions of jewellery items.?

Along with vintage and antique jewellery, it?s necessary to follow the trends. Changing time demands changes in your wardrobe and your jewellery closet too. Signet rings are however back in trend along with chokers and enamel jewellery. Always choose jewellery that includes the best of both worlds. 

6. Let The Colors Guide You:

Colours always uplift your mood. Just like your clothes, pick jewellery with peppy colours to stand out in the crowd. Along with your standard jewellery, it’s necessary to play with your looks sometimes. This keeps you in the limelight too. 

While talking about colours, always choose your outfit first and then choose jewellery according to it. The Colour of your clothes, hair and eyes plays a very important role to glam up your jewellery. Always consider these factors while investing in jewellery.

7. Ensure That Your Jewellery Fits Your Skin Tone:

I am surely not criticizing any skin colour, but it?s a fact that your skin tone is another biggest factor to consider when looking for a jewellery item. All skin tones hold their charisma, so it?s better to pick a correct jewellery item that improves your personality rather than just an accessory decked up. It must serve the purpose it?s meant for and that is to make you look breathtaking.

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