7 Best Brands in Rubik?s Cube

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Cubing has become all the more popular today, and with a large number of Rubik?s Cube available in the market, it becomes quite a challenge to choose the most suitable. To view the available variants in the market you can click here. For example, when it comes to speed Cube, it is the speed of the puzzle that shows how easy it is to turn the faces. It is important that the layers rotate easily, but at times faster cubes are harder to control.

A puzzle can also be locked due to misaligned factors or sharp edges. That is why some brands offer curved corners which help in corner-cutting. But it may also lead to loosening of tension and corner twists. On the other hand, the popping of the pieces can also drive you crazy! Therefore, cubes today have interlocking mechanisms that keep everything in place. In this article, we will take a look at the best brands in Rubik?s Cube that offer some of the best cubes of all time!

7 best brands in Rubik?s Cube

1. YJ:

YJ, as a brand has been in the marketplace for a long time. They had released basic speed cubes way back in 2010 and were competing with the then-popular Alpha Puzzles. MoYu is a highly recognized brand that creates professional speedcubes and is a sub-brand of YJ. Back in 2012, YJ formed MoYu as a platform for designers to send across their ideas and would, in turn, receive some of the profits. YJ still sells puzzles under their name despite the immense popularity of MoYu puzzles.

2. MoYu:

MoYu is one of the best-known puzzle manufacturers and a part of YJ Toy Company. They aim at producing the best speedcubers for the community. In fact, their cubes have been used in several World Records.

Along with the creation and  production of WCA puzzles, they also produce twisty puzzles. There are several variants and shape mods from the Fisher Cube to the large NxN puzzle. (13×13). MoYu is among the original speed cube brands that have been able to survive and thrive despite the immense competition in the speed cube market.

3. Da Yan:

Da Yan is among the oldest brands in the market. Once, this brand alone had dominated the speedcubing market. Da Yan has produced many superior speed cubes that other brands are competing with. They recently released a stickerless Pyraminx which has received immense reviews. Like a puzzle, Da Yan cubes are a great choice. They are sturdy, pop-resistant and highly reliable.

4. Shengshou:

Shengshou is best known for its big cubes. This brand was the first ever to produce large cubes in the NxN series like the 8×9, 9×9 and 10×10. Shengshou?s smaller puzzles, like the 4×4 and 5×5, are the go-to choice for many speedcubers due to its ability to perform effectively when needed. They have worked around fixing issues like instability and popping.

Shengshou has held records for big cubes in the past, and some of the world?s fastest speedcubers still use modded Shengshou puzzles. Their puzzles always come pre-lubricated so don?t have to worry about the stiffness of the blocks. Shengshou has definitely brought about a revolution in the world of big cubes and perform beyond perfection.

5. YuXin:

YuXin earned its name when it produced the then largest puzzle ? 11×11. They made great attempts to break into the cubbing market with the YuXin 4×4. YuXin is known for its large puzzle and cost-effectiveness. If you are a budgeted speedcuber, then YuXin Cubes are a great choice.

6. QiYi:

The QiYi brand was launched while MoYu was reaching the height of dominance in the speedcubing market. The first puzzles from QiYi were the Bullfight and Warrior cubes. They then produced Square-1 puzzles and the famous Valk cubes partially designed by mats Valk. One of the previous World Records of 4.74 seconds was set by Valk using his own puzzle. 

7. Gans:

Gan produces only 3×3 speed cubes which have very specific designs that are unique to the brand. Even though some of it?s older designs did not gain traction, the Gans 356 was used by World Record holder Feliks? Zemdeg. Gans has since then been recognized and is the best in competition with MoYu. They are constantly working on creating new puzzles with improved tension strings to provide more stability.


So there you have it! These brands have revolutionized the world of Rubik?s Cube by producing variants of the classic Cube, shape mods, large NxN cubes, twisty puzzles, Pyraminnx, and so much more. Each of these brands and their cubes has its own set of annotations, algorithms and mechanisms. To know more about these brands, you can check out their official websites.

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