Roof Replacement Advice: Buying A Property with Bad Roof

For most home shoppers, any notice of roof damage is sufficient to send them running from purchasing a property. Buyers who are not in the market for a project are typically attempting to nab a house in the best condition. This article is based on roof replacement advice for buying a property with a bad roof. Note that roof damage can be expensive to repair. In any case, should a faulty roof scare you off, or does it introduce a chance to negotiate the cost of the home? Think about these factors before making a choice. 

Check How Bad the Damage Is On the Property You Want to Purchase

The degree of the roofing damage is one factor that should assist with swaying your choice. Assuming a few or all of the shingles have been passed over during a one-time incident like a tornado, hurricane, or tree collapse because of a tempest. Then, at that point adjusting any structural damage and replacing the shingles should do the next idea. 

The issue with roofing damage is that it may be surprisingly complicated. Know that a bad roof could lead to different issues like roof drywall, insulation, or even roof replacement. And these additional issues can add to the expense of fixing the roof. 

What If It’s Simply an Old Roof Should It Be Replaced?

Perhaps there’s zero damage to the roof. Assume it’s about 20 years old. The life expectancy of your roof is controlled by the material it’s made of and the weather conditions in your area. Slate, copper, and tile roofs can last 50 years or more; wood shake roofs last about 30 years; fiber cement shingles last 25 years; and asphalt shingle roofs last about 20 years. 

Homebuyers shouldn’t necessarily avoid a home with an older roof. Though it would rely upon the quality of the workmanship and materials, regardless of whether any indications of abnormal wear. For example, a 20-year-old undamaged clay tile roof in Michigan, United States is bound to last more than a brand-new composite shingle roof in the same area. 

Would It Be Advisable for You to Purchase a Home with Roof Damage? 

Ultimately the choice is yours; nonetheless, property experts accept that issues with a roof should not stop you from purchasing a house, as long as there are solutions. There is no issue buying a property with a roof that is damaged. 

During the assessment time frame, get a statement from a licensed roofing contractor to repair or replace the roof. Either the seller will agree to fix it before sales or take the amount off the purchase cost. And if you don’t agree with the seller’s choice, you can cancel the contract. 


If you choose to continue with the purchase, don’t allow the sellers to make the repairs. Negotiate the cost estimate down based on the amount it will cost to repair or replace the roof. This is because the seller’s goal is to save cash. So they may hire the cheapest contractor, and you may wind up with a low quality roof.

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