Roof Accessories � Ways to Customize Your Roof

The way to protect yourself and your family in the comfort of your home is by having solid and quality roofs. It is the most important one in building your humble abode. Investing in your Roof will improve its aesthetic look on the outside and enable you to stay comfortable inside your home. 

While everyone wants a pleasing design for their Roof, there are many things you should consider while installing one. You need to ensure the longevity of the design and know if it will last for a decade. The local weather, particularly wind, snow, ice, and rain, may influence which roofing material to use. You may also consider adding roof accessories to your home to enhance its outside view.

Here are some accessories you can add to your Roof if you want to customize it: 


Gutters are the horizontal metal or aluminum part of the system usually installed along the edges of your Roof. The primary purpose of your roof gutters is to divert the rainwater away from the foundation of your house. In addition, gutters are low maintenance as they only need cleaning at least once a year. 

There are different types of roof gutters, and each depends on the material they are made from seamless aluminum, copper, steel, and vinyl. 

Seamless aluminum, also called rolled form, is a type of gutter popularly selected by homeowners as this type of gutter will not rust or leak. Copper gutters are a popular choice for historic or high-end houses. On the other hand, there are also gutters made from steel and vinyl. These types of ain gutters are less popular as they rust and crack in the long run.


Roof flashing is a thin layer of metal sheets that protect the interior roofing materials from rainwater and moisture. There are various types of flashing: valley flashing, drip edge, vent pipe, and step flashing. 

Valley flashing comes in V or W shape, and it is visible from the ground. Meanwhile, a drip edge flashing directs water to the Roof’s edge, preventing rainwater from seeping into the different roofing materials. Vent pipe flashing protects the Roof’s vents from possible roof leaks. Lastly, step flashing prevents water from seeping in the intersection where the roofing shingles and chimney meet. 


A dormer roof is a tiny, vertical window that projects from a sloping roof to illuminate a room or provide more space to the attics. Investing in a dormer roof can transform your dark loft into a bright and spacious room. The window openings can add light and can add a homier atmosphere to your area. 

 Snow Retention Accessories

People who live in countries that experience heavy snowfall should know the benefits they can reap from a snow retention accessory. 

Accidents may happen if snow falls off your window all at once. It may cause severe damage to your landscape, car, or even to a mere passerby. Snow guard or snow stop can happen; that is why a snow retention system is there to help you. It can hold the ice and snow on a metal sloped roof surface until they can melt and fall safely to the Roof. 

Big companies should also consider having this roofing accessory to help them save money from extensive damages. In addition, snow retention accessories can protect their clients and employees from a possible incident caused by snow falling from the Roof.


A skylight is a window or Roof installed in a ceiling that allows light to come into the house. This type of accessory can be seen in romantic movies where the main characters can watch the night sky together while lying on beds and talking. While it is mainly seen in movies, it does not mean you cannot add it to your home. 

Enjoying the night sky, nature above your ceiling is a must-have. Skylight is also a good source of natural light, enabling you to save energy during the daytime. Furthermore, having a skylight in your home can give it a fresher look. Adding this to your home’s aesthetic design can make your dull and dark rooms bright and give them a lighter ambiance.

Roof Vents

Roof vents allow air inside the house to regulate through the attic. Properly installed vents prevent the Roof from overheating. Consequently, an overheating roof can cause damage not only to your roofing materials but can also pose health risks. 

Roof vents are essential during the cold and hot seasons. Vents can ensure that the attic is at the right temperature during cold weather. In the summer, vents can clear the hot air through the attic, leaving the room with the right amount of warmth. 

To know more about the roofing accessories that you can add to your Roof to improve its functionality or enhance its aesthetic appearance, read the infographic from Fahey Roofing Contractors provided below:

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