Ron Phillips New York Briefly Talks About the Sports Culture of NY City

Ron Phillips New York

New York City is often considered to be the undisputed sports champion of the world. It has professional teams belonging to almost every major game.  This city boasts of witnessing moments like Willis Reed’s limping out onto the court in the NBA Finals and the famous “Shot Heard ’Round the World”, which were etched into history. New York is the place where some of the best athletes of the planet tend to compete in marquee annual events like the US Open Tennis Championships and New York City Marathon. To stay up to date with the distinctive sporting events happening in the city, one can always explore the blog of Ron Phillips New York.

Right from the pop-culture get-downs and rowdy tailgates to classic New York sports like handball and street balls, there is a lot to witnesses and explore in New York when it comes to sports. In addition to some of the most famous arenas and stadiums of the world, this city also houses numerous prominent sports bars, which adds to the experience of any fan.  Here are a few sports experiences one can explore in the city:

Ron Phillips New York
  • Tailgate at Metlife stadium: Less than half-hour train ride from Penn Station, one would reach Rutherford, New Jersey, and find a massive outdoor cookout. People do not need a tailgate or wheels to join in. They can just bring their own six packs and share their bounty with other fans. Regardless of the Jets and Giants do in the draft and free agency, action always takes place among the fans in this parking lot in the swamps.
  • Make a sign for the NYC marathon: The NYC marathon is among the most vibrant and exciting sporting events in the neighborhood. Even if a person is unable to take part in it and are on the sidelines, they can always make signs to encourage amateur athletes to push their body to the limit and achieve their dreams. This can be a truly fun and rewarding experience for a person, and give them a genuine altruistic euphoria.
  • Get a free shirt at the Mets game: Citi Filed is known to have some of the best ballpark food in the planet, and features great vantage point. There are Free Shirt Fridays held here quite frequently, where one can get a free T-shirt upon entry.
  • Watch softball go hardcore: Instead of the Bronx or Flushing, it is the Central Park West and 63rd Street where one can find the most electric action on the diamond. There is an extremely competitive industry of softball leagues here, who slug it out for evenings of glory and yearlong bragging rights. The most entertaining games held here involve the Broadway Show League.

These were just few of the interesting and exciting sports experience offered by New York City, which underlines its vibrant culture. Details about other sports and major events can always be explored through the blog of Ron Phillips New York.


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