6 Romantic Ways to Surprise Your Long-Distance Partner

    long distance relationships

    Just like every relationship, long-distance ones are hard work and even more so because of the distance part in them. However, no matter how difficult, they are worth all the effort.

    If you want to make sure that your long-distance relationship survives, you need to put quite a lot of effort into it. You?ll need to find the time to contact and communicate with your partner, you?ll have to find ways to see each other as much as possible, you?ll need to find ways to keep the spark alive.

    If you fail to do all of these things, your relationship won?t be much different from that of two penpals who write to each other every now and then. To keep that spark alive, think about all the romantic ways that you can surprise your partner.

    If you?re looking for ideas, you?ve landed in the right place. Here are 6 romantic ways to surprise your long-distance partner.

    1. Call each other

    Even though we live in the age of text messages and e-mails, calling your partner will seem like a greater effort. When there is a physical distance between the two of you, hearing each other’s voices as much as possible helps you bridge the gap.

    There doesn?t need to be a special reason to call, just pick up the phone every time you miss them or you want to hear their voice. Even if you want to ask them a question, instead of texting, give them a ring.

    You can?t even imagine how much this means when you go days or months without seeing each other. Plus, if you call often, it means that you really care about the other person and you want to make the relationship work.

    2. Organize date nights

    Just because you don?t live in the same city or country doesn?t mean that you can?t go on dates. Thanks to all the technology, organizing date nights is easy.

    Depending on what you two love, you can organize virtual dates such as dinner, movie night or you can even binge-watch your favourite shows together. All you have to do is pick a time and a date and make yourself available to spend some quality time with your long-distance partner.

    3. Surprise each other for important dates

    Making a real effort means being present for important dates. Being there on important dates can sometimes make or break the relationship. If you have problems remembering them, mark them in your calendar as important. Anniversaries, birthdays, and other holidays should always be celebrated together.

    Whether you get to see each other for real or virtually on that date is another thing. Being physically present for that date is going a step further. If you could make that happen, you?d be a partner of the year.

    Surprise your partner with a surprise birthday or anniversary visit. There will be no better gift than your presence on that important date.

    4. Sand flower, cards or presents

    It?s the little things that mean and matter the most. Little signs of attention like sending a card or flowers can mean the world to your partner. Order flowers online and send them for no reason at all but to show your other half that you?re thinking about them and that you care.

    Sand a sweet note or a card to express your love and admiration, to show them how much you miss them. You can also send small presents as a token of appreciation, to thank them for being with you in this long-distance thing.

    Another good idea is sending a care package. Put together a box of all the things your partner loves and enjoys and send it to them. Find ways to surprise them and keep the spark alive.

    5. Travel together instead of visiting at the home

    You can mix up the things a bit by organizing a trip together somewhere. Instead of always visiting each other at home ? which can become a bit boring after a time, travel somewhere nice.

    Good thing is that today, organizing a trip is not all that complicated. Just make sure that both of you are free for a week or two and choose the place you?d want to visit. Or you can secretly find out your partner?s schedule and surprise them with a secret trip. You can travel abroad or local, it doesn?t matter as long as you?re together!

    6. Be playful from time to time

    Spice things up every now and then with playful pictures. Surprising your partner sometimes means doing unpredictable and unusual things like sending nudes or seductive photos.

    If you don?t mind sending dirty photos to your partner, this can be a great way to keep the passion and intimacy alive. However, don?t send anything you?re not comfortable with. Sometimes sending a fully dressed photo of yourself can be just as interesting.

    Surprising a loved one should never be a chore. No matter how small or big your surprise is, your partner will appreciate it, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. 


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