Find the Ideal Roman Blinds for every part of your house

When it comes to light control and efficiency, roman blinds get the job done. 

It’s a given that they can be changed to suit the time of day or season – as do all types of blinds.

What makes these window coverings stand out is that it comes with blackout options if complete darkness is needed. We can also have thermal lining incorporated so it can be more energy efficient.

However, these window covers can be quite an investment. That is why we need to find the ideal type and style for each part of the home. This way, you can make the most out of your hard-earned money.

Together, let’s go over the roman blinds that are ideal for particular parts of the home.

What are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are window coverings crafted of fabrics like silk, linen, cotton, and other synthetic blends, that generally pleats when lifted.

Basically, its construction involves the use of slats behind fabric panels that we connect using cords. Unlike other blinds, the movement is vertical, and these should essentially fit the outside or within the recess.

Firstly, roman shades never go out of style, and this due to their practical beauty, functionality, and efficiency. Then again, roman blinds tend to be more expensive than other types because they have to be custom-fit to the fenestration or the window.

This design allows for maximum effectivity against bounce backs. Generally, it shares the same functionality as curtains, only that they are easier to maintain and more practical.

What are Roman Blinds

Where to Place Roman Blinds in the Home?

We can incorporate roman blinds into any part of our home. They primarily comprise fabric material, so they have a visual similarity to curtains and draperies. These are also easier to manage and maintain.

That said, we can use them as a partial covering for all the windows and fenestrations. Now, let’s go over each essential part of the home and discuss the ideal roman blinds for each.

Where to Place Roman Blinds in the Home

Living Rooms and Seating Areas

If there is any space in your home with the most fenestration, that would be your living room. These areas allow the most light in and the most view of the outside. That said, fitting in some high-quality roman blinds can boost the overall impact of the space. 

As for the fabric choice, we recommend that the shades have to be of uniform material and color, especially if the space is already fully-furnished and adequately decorated. Any unwarranted extravagance on the blinds can seem visually heavy and tiring, and it can make the room look smaller. 

When it comes to the folding style, we refer to the proportions of the window. If the window’s overall sizing takes up a lot of wall space, choosing a wider fold creates a minimal elegance.

However, if the windows are essentially narrow, you should choose slender folds. This design approach helps maintain the visual height of your living space.


We need these areas to be private and comfortable so that some well-placed roman blinds can improve this space effectively. That said, the bedroom is among the best places in the home to incorporate some fabric blinds.

It also proves to be more efficient than curtains since the blinds don’t accumulate as much dust and don’t reach the flooring.

That said, an elegant set of roman blinds can instantly make your window the focal point of the room. If designed with blackout linings, these blinds can totally block out the light and create an atmosphere.

Basically, medium-weight cotton blends, damasks, and jacquard fabrics make the bedroom more classic and exclusive. On the other hand, linen and lightweight taffeta make the space more breathable and airy.


Kitchen and Dining Areas

Roman blinds are an unusual choice for kitchens. We steer clear of this design choice because cooking areas need ample ventilation at all times to reduce the accumulation of mold and mildew. Also, kitchen humidity can make bacteria breeding ground out of fabrics on standby.

Then again, we can strategically place these blinds in areas far from the heat and steam. That said, fabric blinds over sinks and stoves are a no-no.

The best place for these blinds would be a lone window or any window adjacent to the dining table. This placement allows the light to enter the room during mealtime and still keeps the area private at other times of the day.

We can apply the same design principles for dining area window coverings on study areas and workspaces.

Bathrooms and Walk-in Closets

Generally, we incorporate roman shades into our designs to boost the overall impact. That said, these are not the best places for the showcases. Not only are these places private and isolated, but these are also the areas we keep to ourselves.

Then again, if you’re someone with a large wardrobe display, you will need a classy and weight fabric choice for your blinds.

Drawing back to the kitchen design principles, we don’t recommend the use of roman blinds in bathrooms. These are essentially small spaces that are high in humidity, so having fabrics can be quite unsanitary.

However, if the room is large enough, placing your shades at a distance from the shower can be a workable approach.


That being said, we have discussed how we can apply roman blinds in different areas of the home. We have gone over the best rooms to showcase your choices of shades, and we also offer advice for areas that may not be ideal for this type of window covering.

We understand the need to integrate beautiful components into every part of our home. Still, too much of a good thing can lead to more harm, and it’s better to take the safer route.

In summary, we can go all out with the best roman blinds in our bedrooms and living rooms. As for the other areas of the home, we can work with a more strategic approach.

Ultimately, roman shades are great replacements for curtains, and they can add to the visual structure of your home’s interior beautifully.

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