How to Find Female Role Models for Your Kids

Most parents and/or adults present in their children’s lives are often seen as role models for positive development. Kids can also benefit from having additional adults around who help them live up to their fullest potential and see the best in themselves. Female role models are equally important as male role models in helping youngsters learn from someone older and wiser to mentor them. Here are female role models to introduce to your children.

1. Historical Figures

Role models aren’t only found in today’s world. In fact, many inspiring women for kids can come from history via books, movies, etc. These are females who are no longer living but broke barriers and made their incredible mark on history.

Magellan TV, for example, features its own list of heroic women, including Joan of Arc, Anne Frank, Pocahontas, Egypt’s Lost Queens and more in videos that families can view.

2. Toys

Even toys can inspire children in exploring their biggest dreams. For young ones, Mattel has come up with Barbie Doll role models featuring some of today’s top influencers and current role models.

A few of these female leaders who have a Barbie Doll created in their image include Aly Raisman (Olympic gymnast), Dina Asher Smith (world champion sprinter), Madison De Rozario (para-athlete wheelchair racing), Lisa Azuelos (French director), Rosanna Marziale (chef) and Bindi Irwin (conservationist).

3. Community People

Compassion, motivation, and integrity are just three qualities that go hand in hand in being a role model, and amazing individuals with these traits can often be discovered in your community and beyond.

Experts such as Claire Babineaux-Fontenot help to promote personal and professional growth, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

A community female role model could also be a teacher you think highly of or the owner of your neighborhood bistro or a newspaper reporter in town. Your child may have an interest in the work these women do and would benefit by meeting them and learning about their careers and backgrounds.

4. Celebrities

There are young celebrities that your kids may admire and want to become like, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You may even be shaking your head.

Parents should keep the lines of communication open to see what it is that a certain star inspires in their child. Infatuation is normal and shouldn’t be discouraged.

There are many points to discuss celebrity role models, and their decisions can offer some valuable, teachable moments for your own child.

5. Fictional Characters

Even fictional female role models can inspire your children. A fine example of this may be Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books. Talk about courage and loyalty, Hermoine is all of that and one who goes out on a limb for her friends and even those she doesn’t know well.

Hermoine is an audacious, little witch and unafraid to put it all out there to prove someone wrong.

6. Yourself

Yes, you’re one of the most important female role models for your kids, and they’re always watching and learning from you.

It isn’t always easy trying to convey positive traits to your children in day-to-day living, but it is essential to practice what you preach. Including your kids in family conversations and hearing what they think can only help them develop into strong individuals in school, in relationships or when making tough decisions.

Female role models have a unique place in our world, and we would be lost without these powerful figures. When your child is introduced to amazing role models, they inspire kids to think bigger.


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