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Supertech Owner

Started in the year 1988, Supertech has set benchmarks of architectural brilliance in the contemporary real estate business. Founded by Mr RK Arora, the company has endeavoured to provide luxury living and to take the group to greater heights. Mr RK Arora Supertech owner, along with its team of highly professional and dedicated engineers, architects and marketers has aimed to touch the horizon and scale new heights with excellent services and projects that serve the nation. Supertech Group that started its operation in North India has now expanded to the South its first residential project in Bengaluru. 

Within 32 years, the group has not just achieved greater heights but excellence in the industry by providing affordable yet luxury living solutions. The company has ventured into Hospitality, Residential, Townships, Commercial and Workspace projects. Being the first in India to introduce Precast Technology, Supertech has not just revolutionised real estate but has taken a lead ahead of other industries. Mr RK Arora Supertech owner has worked hard all his life to take the group to the next level and expand gradually to different parts of the world. Today, the group has collaborated with a few foreign real estate businesses. 

With his business acumen and entrepreneurial skills, Supertech owner has extremely worked very hard to take his group at this level today. Supertech group commits to provide quality living and sees to provide value to the homes through architectural excellence. The excellent architecture of their projects represents the true contemporary lifestyle of today. The group has some major projects coming, which will not just mesmerise your minds but leave you awestruck with the designs and luxuries. All that Supertech has achieved today is because of their happy clients who invested in their projects and have helped them in coming up with more to cater to the growing demands of its clients. 

Until now, Supertech has:

  • Delivered over 40,000 units in the last 4 years
  • Satisfied over 60, 000 clients
  • More than 80, 000 units and 120 million sq. ft. of real estate under development 
  • Constructing 40, 000 homes under PMAY
  • Over 32 years of experience in Real Estate, Hospitality, Commercial and Working sector construction

Well, these are just mere figures that tell us what Supertech has achieved until now. However, the value and success are not measurable but visible through their delivery of projects. Being a new trendsetter in the industry, Supertech stands aside from its competitors. The Supertech Group believes that customer satisfaction is the key to success. Thus, the group made the vision of their customers as their architectural reality. Every other person on the planet has a dream of calling a place his or her home, which is fully loaded with luxury and comfort. Following the same vision, all the residential projects by Supertech are turning dreams into reality. 

Luxury is the most expensive, but the Supertech owner changed the complete theory. High-rise building takes years and years in making are now built in a little time than brick houses through precast technology. Mr RK Arora, Supertech Owner claims that through this technology, up to 60, 000 customers have benefited and will continue to benefit. The technology that Supertech Group used has proven that it saves construction time and enhances the quality of the product.?

Since its inception in India, Supertech group used it efficiently and delivered some of the best projects of them. Supertech group being the first one to adopt this technology believes that it is important that people get to live in their dream homes as soon as possible. However, making them wait will make them curious, but by delivering faster will make them happy and build their trust in our group. 

After Supertech, other realtors have adopted the technology and have been benefitting through it. To achieve architectural excellence, one has to put in the best inputs technically and traditionally. Cost of the construction might be a concern, but Mr R K Arora, Supertech Owner explains that the speed of construction fastens, minimum wastage and almost no repairs or rework is required later. He adds that the client gets the best product in their budget, which covers up the investments. 

However, the most important fact about the Supertech owner is that he worked industriously to fulfil dreams and to achieve the best in the industry. With skills and knowledge, Mr RK Arora, Supertech Owner has set up not just a brand but also an emerging force that will again revolutionise the real estate industry with new concepts of living. 

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