Is a Ring Guard Compulsory for an Engagement Ring?

A ring guard provides a decent amount of protection to a ring by serving as a buffer around it. Sometimes they also act as wedding ring enhancers and add more flair. When worn side by side with another ring, they manage to create a cohesive appearance.

Reasons to Wear a Ring Guard

You can wear a solitaire ring guard on both sides or only on one side. If you have an engagement ring with a big diamond, a ring guard will protect it from a hard knock. Ring guards also reduce the tendency of rings to come forward or spin around on the finger. 

A ring guard keeps your ring forward-facing and upright while making it more comfortable to wear. Several people are now choosing ring guards as wedding bands. Stacked bands are going out of style. But ring guards enable you to add more bands to the finger while maintaining a cohesive design. 

Ring guards also complement your ring and make it look more elaborate. If you are wearing a plain ring, ring enhancers will jazz up the look effortlessly. Remember to purchase a ring guard that will make your solitaire look more extravagant.

Different Styles of Ring Guards

Whether you want diamond ring guards or ring guards with other gemstones, you will find different styles and designs. Let?s explore unique ring guard styles and designs.

Channel Set Ring Guard

A channel set ring guard will have diamonds set into a channel or engraved in a metal band. Channel set ring guards feature sparkling diamonds secured tightly in their place. Channel set ring guards don?t necessarily have to contain diamonds as several other gemstones are used in them. 

Channel settings equally prioritize the stone and the metal. The center stone in a channel setting ring guard gets adequately highlighted. But it never outshines your wedding or engagement ring.

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Ring Guard with Colorful Gemstones

If you are looking for ring guards with a pop of color, you won?t be disappointed. Ring guards come with several colorful gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. The unique color of the gemstones further enhances the appeal of the ring guards. 

The colorful gemstones in a ring offer a unique luster and texture to the design. You can pair these ring guards with any ring with a huge diamond center stone. You can also wear them with engagement rings that have a colorful gemstone at the center.

Pave Set Ring Guards

Pave set ring guards usually have diamonds around the band. Instead of one big stone in the middle, the tiny stones along the circumferences create a classy look. The tiny stones pave the metal?s surface.

Pave ring guards have an exceptional sparkle. They are often paired with wedding rings. But if you want to pair your engagement ring with pave set ring guards, no one will stop you.

How to Purchase a Ring Guard

To get the perfect ring guard, concentrate on these factors:

  • Metal: Mixing different metal tones is quite trendy but choosing the same metal hues is classy. The ring guard should not clash with the ring, but it shouldn?t be overly mismatched either.
  • Size: While choosing a ring guard, you should always get them in the correct finger size. Know about resizing options before purchasing the ring guard.
  • Design: Check the center stone to find a ring guard that fits your solitaire ring. 
  • Type: You can choose between wrap-around and insert-style ring guards.

Closing Thoughts

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