What Are Collapsible Rigid Boxes And How You Can Use Them?

rigid boxes

All the useful items are precious for a person and to keep them safe packaging industries are playing a very important role by manufacturing boxes in different styles. So, collapsible rigid boxes are one of them and made from modern technology that is called die-cutting. As the word rigid in their name is showing that these are very rigid, and manufactured with cover and hardboard, to make boxes indestructible. You can ship them in a folded form easily and its shape is made in the following steps;

  • Lift the box lid
  • Hold the sidewalls that are folded and pull those outwards
  • The shape of a box form as flaps fixed with sidewalls
  • The flap also extended from top lid fixes with magnet to a front wall

Besides this, collapsible rigid boxes are made with a thick material that has density of at least 60 points. They also come as the collapsible triangle boxes. 

  • Fold a box on the corners of die-cut on all the cover board sides
  • For improving the container shape pinch its sidewalls
  • Their shape is formed after the folding of flap

Multiple Shape Boxes:

Different shapes of these boxes also allow the customers to have unique thoughts to bring exclusivity in the packaging styles. Different designs, shapes, and sizes can be made for an item when there is need to store it in a box. They are not only using for selling the items but you can also use them as a gift box. To make them a gift box, there are multiple glamorous ways to beatify them. Good companies always keep the customer?s demand in mind and follow the trends. Customers always prefer the styles that make their product distinguishable among others. So, a small change in the style of boxes can increase the profit for a company. 

Foiling and Lamination:

The foiling and laminations use is practiced widely for the finesses in a box. It changes the feels and looks of an item and makes it noticeable container. Marketing of an item with these boxes is done by using the debossing and embossing techniques. They also engrave the product name or company logo on a box with style and uniqueness. Small windows also improve chances to get the attention of purchasers. A buyer can also compelled for buying the items if he knows that what is inside the container. Satisfaction of the client is the ultimate motive of a company and they achieve it by bringing the physical sampling choice on the customer?s request. They also have the high quality materials and printing. 


Now it?s time to discuss some important uses of these boxes that are important to know before making the buying decision.

  • Gifting: Due to unique and attractive designs of their packaging, and their printing quality, that is of high-end, these are used excessively for the gifting purposes. You can also add the messages, printed wishes and any other decorative material to make them true depiction about the personality of presenter. 
  • Storage: Some fragile items require additional protection so they are used exclusively for the longer storage. These are made with the long-lasting and sturdy packaging material so these are exceptional to protect the packages products. 
  • Retailing: Unique quality and catchy designs of these boxes are using for the purpose of retailing. A lot of retail businesses now take advantage from them and grab the customer?s attention to increase the profit. 
  • Brand Building: Researches and studies on the packaging show that these boxes are playing a major role in the building of a brand. In various businesses and industries they are using to maximize the brand recognition. 

So we have known that a packaging solution is demanded by multiple industries and brads and it should contain exceptional qualities and features. From the discussion, you can conclude that collapsible rigid boxes have exceptional features in all the aspects of branding and packaging. 

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