Mold is a fungus found in humid places with low light. It can cause health problems, so to have a healthy home, it is necessary to mold testing in Potomac to end its presence, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, where it proliferates attack!

With the arrival of autumn, temperatures drop, the rains begin and humidity levels increase. This situation can aggravate the structural humidity problems suffered by homes.

At this time, the problems of seepage and capillarity grow, mainly due to the greater accumulation of water in the earth due to the rains, the humidity seeps through the foundations producing the effect of capillarity, by which the water rises through pillars, walls and masonry.

Condensation pathologies also increase. These humidities appear inside the houses due to the water vapor in the environment generated by everyday actions, such as cooking or showering, added to incorrect ventilation. “Fungi and mold in corners and walls; fogged glass in windows and mirrors; furniture and other deteriorated objects and even risk in electrical installations. These are the most visible effects of humidity produced by condensation”, it assures from the company specialized in damp proofing solutions.

But the most alarming consequences of living with a humidity problem are those related to health. Diseases such as asthma or sinusitis; respiratory and dermatological allergies; headaches or rheumatic problems appear and worsen if they live in a humid environment, with children and the elderly being the most vulnerable population.


You can carry out mold testing in Potomac yourself for free, requesting a diagnostic kit consisting of a test strip to analyze the humidity of the wall, as well as the instructions for use and reading the result. The damp proofing solutions test indicates if your wall has moisture. This check is suitable for walls – interior or exterior – that show moisture stains, blooms, or saltpeter. To do this you need the test strip, a little distilled water in a glass and a sample from the wall. Depending on the degree of color that the strip provides, you will know what type of humidity you suffer from. 

“After this first analysis, which is done in one minute, a technician from the company travels on-site to corroborate these results and carry out an official and certified diagnosis “, concludes Marketing Director of damp proofing solutions. Anyone interested can request the test by phone, entering the web, or through the company’s social networks.”


Moisture is a common problem that, if not nipped in the bud, comes out again even though we use patches to cover it. And it does not only appear in the form of stains or a bad smell: improperly treated humidity can also affect the structure of a building. However, you can prevent condensation from worsening with tools at your fingertips.

Capillarity, filtration and condensation How to know what type of humidity causes the problem? Mold testing in Potomac is important because, in each case, the treatment to be applied is different. In kitchens and bathrooms, especially if these rooms lack windows, the humidity is usually due to excess condensation.

Humidity caused by condensation is usually easier to solve than that caused by capillarity or filtration. Condensation in bathrooms and kitchens manifests itself with an accumulation of mist on windows, tiles that cause black spots on the walls and around the toilets. The consequences are peeling paint, an unpleasant odor, and dirt due to mold.

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