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Resolver PS4?is a topic of discussion among many gamers, so it is important to comment.

Like all digital phenomena, gaming has also evolved a lot in the past few decades. There was a time when everything was content with very limited single-player games, with poor graphics.

But no longer, as the competition grows, console game manufacturers will not stop when they strive to be the best among the rest.

In this regard, Xbox and PS4 come to mind, which provides many of the needs of the latest games that are the millions of game that these consoles provide.

With many new innovations, especially in the gaming arena that has expanded to the internet, the need to connect players has also arisen. Because of that, there are many ways introduced for gamers to interact and cooperate or even compete online.

In this article, we will discuss these effects.

What is Resolver PS4?

resolver is one of the used Game tag resolvers available on the internet. All you have to do is send the Gamer tag, which is provided when installing the ID to the console, and resolvers bring the IP on the screen.

If you can’t find your IP, you need to buy OctoSniff to access this feature – this packet sniffer is a decrypted that works on all devices available here.

To know more about resolver for PS4 you need to open Google and type resolver com PS4. This also works for Xbox, if you’re wondering.

After visiting the website, if you see your IP logged, there is a good chance that thousands caught you while you were in one of the packet sniffers. To be safe, you should use a VPN because there are tools that allow other people to access your IP.

One thing that should be mentioned here is that there is a lack of content available regarding this aspect of console gaming.

In a nutshell:

The entire game scene has been transformed due to improved gadgets and tools. One aspect that distinguishes this age from the past is that there are more online gaming tools available today than ever before.

Resolver is a tool that can be found when players find their IP and if they are not smart because there is a possibility that their IP can be leaked. To prevent this, you should use a VPN.

What is a resolver? [+6 alternatives]

Capture the IP addresses of your opponents on different game consoles with the resolver and its alternatives.

resolver is a web-based database that stores online gamers’ IP addresses. resolver extracts these IP addresses from the usernames of the players. The X in the name of this online database stands for the Xbox console. However, it is still able to work with other gaming consoles. Hence, it is sometimes also referred to as PlayStation resolver and Xbox resolver.

Let’s understand the resolver thoroughly.

  • What is a resolver?

resolver is defined as the online service that records the Gamer tags and IP addresses of Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players.

resolver is specially designed to protect usernames and Gamer tag online from hackers. resolver?s main goal is to convert Gamer tags and usernames to IP addresses.

To perform these functions, the resolver consists of an Xbox resolver that uses bots to scrape data. This data includes the Xbox player username, ISP address, and IP address.

  • What does the resolver do?

As mentioned, it is responsible for storing publicly available data about the IP addresses and their association with the Gamer tags.

In particular, this type of information or data is publicly available. It technically means that it’s not illegal to share it on a site that anyone can access.

The problem, however, is that the person trying to match the IP address to your profile may not have good intentions. It might be a hacker who is interested in your PS4, PC, or Xbox profile and associated IP address.

resolver gives you access to your private information for interested people. This private information ties your physical network connection to your identity on the web.

And once they have access to your private information, they can attack you in a variety of ways. This may involve distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks.

Features of the resolver

offer a large number of exciting functions. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Geographic location identification

resolver allows you to identify your opponent’s geographic location. You can achieve this with the IP search service.

This is one of the most important pieces of data regarding the player’s IP address. And hence, this feature becomes the most intriguing.

  • IP logger

resolver allows you to generate custom links. You can get their IP addresses by sending these links to people. These custom links help retrieve browser and location information.

The IP logger adds functionality to the resolver and helps detect incognito mode.

  • Both Gamer tag resolver and PSN username

resolver offer a range of great features and functionality for Xbox and PlayStation users. Existing tools make it easy to extract data related to IP addresses. 

To explore Gamer tags and usernames, you don’t have to search the internet for bots. Artificial intelligence in it makes things much easier and more convenient.

  • User-friendly interface and functionality

The working process of the resolver is quite simple. You can identify your opponent’s IP address in just a few minutes. Finding Gamer tag is also easy.

  • Personal IP address blacklist

Blacklisting is one of the key features that you can purchase separately with the resolver. This feature allows you to hide your personal information and the IP address from your opponents.

Regardless of their technical understanding, they cannot find your personal information at all.

Now let’s look at some resolver alternatives.

Lance Remastered PCPS

Lance Remastered PCPS is a free PSN/Xbox resolver plus Gamer tag IP puller. It sniffs and pulls IP addresses from PSN and Xbox Live gaming sessions. It also helps you easily resolve your opponents’ Gamer tag into IP addresses.

It’s a completely free resolver that’s quick and convenient to set up. Lance Remastered PCPS is compatible with Xbox, PC, PlayStation, and any video game you play. It is one of the best alternatives to the resolver.


OctoSniff is an IP sniffer that allows you to optimize your gaming connection. It has a wide range of exciting features such as easy installation, numerous tutorials, and 24/7 support.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to learn how to access it.

This resolver is 100% free of malware. With OctoSniff you can automatically identify packets. You can see which packets are game server IPs and which are from Xbox chats.

This is the only tool that offers PS4 username AI functionality. This feature allows you to identify the association of packages with their respective owners.

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