Common Mistakes You Are Making While Renovating Your Home

Renovating Home

For all the first-timers, renovations are not as easy as shown in the videos. But knowing what not to do when you take on a renovating will help you to make the most of your money and time, and will ensure that your project doesn?t end up on the trash. Consider this list to avoid the mistakes while renovating your dream home and will make the smoothest renovation ever. 

Rushing the job

You might have researched enough for home improvement videos and articles to know it?s possible to build an entire home in a week. But watching videos is not enough for real life, and your renovation. So, you need to allow time to plan and go throw each step thoroughly and to address the unexpected. 

Neglecting hiring experts

Speak to a contractor who has years of experience and a good team for working. Hiring expert depends on the type of renovation you are undertaking like an architect or speciality designer like for kitchen or bathroom.

Not doing homework properly

Before hiring a contractor first do your homework by taking interview of multiple contractors and look their pros and cons. So, it is recommended to you that you should meet them in person and visit at least four to five people before committing. You can ask them questions like do they have a proper team? Or Can you see their portfolio? 


As you all know that communication is the only key to understand and let other people understand you. If you have strong communication with your contractor, then that person can help you. They will explain on your behalf when your partner disagrees with anything. Experts say that you shouldn?t have side conversations without each other. Moreover, it?s essential to establish good communication with your contractor and his team. 

Focusing on appearance

Ensure that you address all structural and safety issues like keeping your kids safe at home, electrical system or ensuring foundations and subflooring are sound. So that you don?t need to break through your new home, which looks beautiful to fix that potential problem later. 

Forgetting your budget

While you renovate your home it will cost your pocket thousands. But always remember to work under budget and never forget your actual budget. If you want to expand you can go extra 10 to 20 per cent more to the initial estimate but if you?re crossing it then you might be in big trouble and run out of the budget. As a tip, you can keep some amount aside while deciding your budget for some emergency. 

Not working according to plan

Working according to plan is essential. Even though your contractor ever says that they don?t work according to the plan or runs in the opposite direction, ask them to start their work according to plan. The plan should include brief details about every single job they are going to do with a timeline. Ask them to make one and stick to it because even small changes can cost you a penny and push back the timeline. 

Creating an unrealistic budget

You might have seen people or couples who renovate their home themselves for a certain amount of money and you also feel the same. But just like the perfect planning, you need to set up a budget in advance and keep a little bit of room to stretch. Things like hiring extra labour, medical or on-site accident emergency or any other budget breakers can cost you a lot of thousands. So consider keeping some funds for an emergency. During renovation at some point, you?ll be glad that you have built-in some additional budget breathing room. 

Setting an unrealistic timeline 

There is no doubt that you haven?t heard about the horror stories about the amount of time given and it takes to finish a renovation. And you consider that it might be just their bad luck and that won?t happen with you. But renovation does take time and sometimes can?t be completed within budget and on time. Professionals who are doing this work from years sometimes get the wrong idea about completion. So, make sure that your timeline reflects your realistic timeline. And include some wiggle room in case of unwanted scenarios to control and push it back. 

Following trends 

Admiring a super trendy home is nothing wrong but nothing is beautiful than having a house quite trendy. Remember the mix and match kitchen finishes were in height of trendiness and were loved by people. If you?re also a trendy person, consider asking your contractor about a modern twist or spin on a classic look that might suit your lifestyle and desire for the trend. 

Using the wrong tools 

Yes, you?re right that the beauty of the construction depends on-trend, designs and other things, but the most important are tools. Each construction is specifically designed to do one or more job and to do it perfectly. But if you don?t use it every day or miss a particular tool for that task then it?s pretty tempting of using the wrong tools. It will just damage your material or design else you could also hurt yourself badly by trying to force a tool in a way it wasn?t designed to use.

Ignoring lights

Hire someone who is a lighting specialist as they can help to design a lighting plan perfectly. They will advise you about why your light bulbs can burn out or which size and place will be great to put the bulbs. Professionals know smart lighting and this creates a well-lit, welcoming and usable environment. 


So, buying a home can be exciting, but many people who are the first-timers find themselves making home renovation mistakes without even realising it. So, with the above-mentioned points, you can avoid mistakes while renovating you home. 

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