Effects of REM sleep on Cognitive health

rem sleep effects

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement; REM sleep is the period of sleep in your usual sleeping routine when you dream. This is the deepest state of sleep when your body is paralyzed by your brain to ensure that you do not move in your sleep. REM sleep is highly significant for human health and vitality as numerous researches have shown. Lack of REM sleep has been linked with diabetes type symptoms, increased chances of infection and increase depression and anxiety.

Most individuals are usually aware of the significance of REM sleep and ensure that they get a sound sleep for the most part regularly. But here we have decided to share some modern research finding s that will allow you to understand how much you?re REM cycle means to your health and vitality.

Mystery of The REM Cycle:

The REM cycle is considered a medical mystery by most scientists. Much of its mystique comes from the fact that humans dream in the REM cycle. Dreams are deeply associated with the human subconscious and also have great significance in world religions. They are also considered a prophetic method of the human mind toward of coming dangers. REM sleep is a curiosity for medical science because REM sleep has clear effects on the human body. Lack or deprivation of REM sleep causes anxiety, weight fluctuations, mood disorders, infections and an overall decrease in one?s health.

Scientists have been conducting extensive sleep studies for the past six decades that inquire into all the possible effects of sleep issue in human beings. The research has given insight into some truly interesting facts of how the sleep issues in a person affect the person?s mood or health.

Cortisol: Cortisol is the stress hormone in the human body. It works for controlling human blood pressure, managing human stress and regulating the metabolism in the human body. Recent studies have proved that Cortisol production in the human body is connected with REM sleep and is regulated through regular sleep patterns. The study is a clear indication that reduced REM sleep leads to an imbalance in metabolism, a higher anxiety rate and increased blood pressure in the human body.

Change in Perception: There is actual research that has proven that REM sleep dissociates human amygdala from the emotional impact of memories. The research suggests that regular REM sleep will ?literally take the pain away? of traumatic memories. The person will remember traumatic events but with a regular sleep cycle, the person will remember the events without remembering the emotions that are associated with them. The practice is of great benefit to individuals who need to heal from any past trauma. It is also a great way to develop a stable perception of the past and gain deeper emotional stability.

Improves Declarative Memory: Declarative memory is the memory of the human conscious mind. The factual events that we remember as true events from our past are known as declarative memory.  The regulation of this area in the human mind is exceptionally significant because this is how we keep a track of all the facts. If this area is well regulated, the person is well- rationale and alert and if this area is not performing too well, then the person is confused and not too attentive. That is why it should be considered a good reason to focus on REM sleep and make sure that the person gets regular beauty sleep. Auditory Learning: The process of understanding what one hears is also connected with REM sleep. The individual who gets REM sleep for an appropriate amount of tie also becomes more focused on the conversations they have and the lectures they hear. They also pick the information better and are better equipped to utilize the given information.

What is the appropriate amount of REM Sleep?

In light of these fun and significant benefits of REM sleep, the need for REM sleep becomes more significant. The least amount of REM sleep a person can have is thirty minutes and the longest time is three to four hours. REM sleep usually comes two hours after sleeping, so the notion- REM sleep time would also need to be factored into the schedule.  The regular sleep time is six to eight hours a day that most individuals are not able to maintain regularly.

We didn?t make this post about the beauty and physical health factors that are usually associated with REM sleep but focused on the cognitive benefits of maintaining a healthy REM cycle. The reason is that the basic physical benefits of REM sleep are not too authentic.

Truth is that there is limited data that proves the REM cycle as a significant tool for physical health. Most of the physical benefits are focused on overall sleep cycle and are overly associated with REM sleep

But REM sleep, truly, is exceptionally essential for the cognitive development and stability of the human mind. SO get back into bed and get some good and nice REM sleep!

Darakhshan Roohi is a freelance content writer from Pakistan who is passionate about writing, digital marketing and making her mark on the world. She presently lives in Karachi, Pakistan and works as a  freelance writer  and content writer an avid binge-watcher and a strong critic of the global diaspora.

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