6 Reasons for Conflict in a Relationship and How Gottman Couple Retreat can help

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    The relationship is the way by which two people of different personalities, attitudes, and values connect to share their feelings, emotions, finance, etc. But sometimes their differences give rise to conflict. The main cause behind this is their different points of view, ego, and lack of communication.

    People who do not have good communication skills are often not able to deal with the situation, he/she becomes very aggressive during normal couple conversation, which leads to big fights.

    The fights are not so bad as long as you are devoted to each other and willing to resolve the issues. But if your relationship loses transparency and you stop caring about your partner’s feelings then it’s a matter of concern. In such a situation you should concern the relationship counselor, he will guide you properly to work through any issues.

    If you have tried hard to improve your relationship but still everything is not going well, then you must try a Gottman Couple retreat, because it will help you to learn how to make your relationship stronger.

    6 Major Reasons Behind Couples Conflict

    The conflict between couples starts for several reasons. To resolve this, it is very important to find out the root cause of the conflict. 

     Here are 10 common reasons behind relationship conflict -:

    1. Financial issues

    Lack of money is the biggest relationship challenge and the most common reason for the couples’ quarrels. According to experts, about 48% of married couples fight over finance. If couples have insufficient finances, they are often seen arguing over money, which can take a relationship to its breaking point.

    Also, one partner usually earns more than the other and in many cases becomes more dominant which leads to bitterness and insecurity in the relationship.

    1. Work-Life Balance

    Some people are more workaholic and therefore spend much of their time in the office. Due to which they are not able to give sufficient time to their spouse and family. This can make a lot of difference between pairs and it can be difficult to bounce back towards smooth communication.

    So, it’s very essential to maintain a work-life balance to maintain a healthy relationship.

    1. Kids

    Many couples fight over the children even before they are born. They debate whether or not to have a child and when to plan for a child. And when the child is born, they start fighting over other issues such as how to raise the child. One partner wants to be a strict parent and another wants to treat his child more friendly. Also, partners fight for household things and children related chores

    1. Sex

    Dissatisfied sex can also have a bad effect on a person’s life. Bad sex and sexual incompatibility can cause a married couple to fight over unnecessary things. And this can weaken the love bond between them.

    1. Selfishness

    Mental health problems can give birth to selfishness and being selfish in a marriage can destroy the relationship. A selfish partner always thinks about his needs and preferences and thereby ignores his/her partner’s desires. This can bring unwanted stress and become the cause of conflict.

    1. Over expectations

    It is very obvious to have expectations from your partner, but in some cases, the level of expectations exceeds its limits, which cannot be fulfilled by their partner. And in such cases, one feels neglected and thinks that his partner is not interested in the relationship.

    How Gottman Couples Retreat can help

    The Gottman Couples Retreat is just a vacation package along with a certified counselor, which is designed to strengthen and enhance the relationship. This is a type of therapy that gives you a chance to deeply understand your spouse and improve your relationship.

    What you will learn from this Retreat -:

    • To develop problem- solving skills
    • How to do the adjustment
    • How to make a deep connection
    • How to resolve day-to-day conflicts


    If you are facing problems in your love life, then you should seek Gottman Couple retreat help as soon as possible. You can learn productive communication skills, which boost your intimacy and strengthen your relationship through this counseling.

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