The Advantages of Using Recycled Construction Aggregates

Recycled Construction

For those employed in the building industry, recycled aggregates have several advantages. They may be building by-products not previously used or they may be made from materials previously used in construction or demolition. Opt construction aggregates.

Recycled aggregates can be an ideal alternative to the traditional choice since more and more people prefer sustainable alternatives over less eco-friendly options. But how do recycled aggregates profit precisely? We look at some of the key advantages from their price to the flexibility provided by these products.

What are recycled compounds?

It is necessary to understand what recycled aggregates are before taking a closer look at their advantages.

In a simple manner, aggregates are granular materials, including sand, concrete, dirt, brick and stone, used in building work. Recycled aggregates are almost the same, but are made from the majority of the demolition and building sites.

All the materials from these sites may have been brought into the settlement simply in the past, but today these materials are widely reused in the building industry, since we are more environmentally aware than ever before.


Recycled aggregates for many people are always the first alternative, and their cost-effectiveness is one of the key factors. When you buy a recycled product you can save a substantial amount of money because it is less costly to produce.

Recycled aggregates are now an excellent and cost-effective option as the prices of quarry aggregates continue to rise and the quality of recycled goods improve with each year. This ensures that the bank won’t have to be interrupted by contractors and homeowners when selecting aggregates for any potential job.

Pleasant to the atmosphere

Their sustainability is another factor in making recycled goods so famous. Recycled aggregates provide a great alternative to more toxic building materials and more focus than ever before on the preservation and conservation of the environment.

In its natural state, harvesting stone consumes mechanical energy and processes and creates toxic contaminants as a by-product. However, by using an aggregate, unwanted materials offer new life; natural materials are not harvested and processing is little or no.

This means that future quarries are conserved and discarded products don’t end up in waste dumps. In addition, recycled aggregates save resources and decrease transport pollution, lowering end user costs and at the same time contributing to the environment. Your carbon footprint can be minimised and a reliable and solid foundation using recycled aggregates still develops.


Recycled soils are durable and long-lasting. Their construction is as durable as it is not recycling and is able to withstand the time test so that they can’t sacrifice strength or longevity. These materials, which AE Faulks can supply in single loads from 1 tonne until 20 tonnes, can support your construction project. We can provide screened hardcore, crushed hardcore 4 inches, road planning, screened topsoil, and gug topsoil so do not hesitate, if you need any of these products, to contact any team.

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For a wide variety of applications, recycled aggregates can be used. For example, recycled aggregates would provide you with all you need to reach the highest quality in order to achieve your projects. This includes landscape designs, refurbishments, over-all building, highways and earthwork.

Recycled aggregates may include the likes of:, depending on the type of project you carry out,

Stone smashed



Brick recycling

Asphalt recycled

Concrete recycled

This versatility and materials range makes recycled aggregates ideal both commercially and domestically for many different projects. Opt robo sand for construction.

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