5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Move To The Cloud

Did you know that eight out of ten companies have moved their work to the cloud?

The real question is – has your company done this? If not, what are you waiting for? Exercise has many benefits. And there is evidence  that the transition to the cloud will continue  in the coming years.

Cloud computing uses a Software as a Service?(SaaS) approach that allows your company’s data to be accessed from any computer, tablet, laptop, smartphone or other similar device with an Internet connection and a browser.

Here we look at five reasons why your business should move to the cloud.


Cooperation has always been important in the workplace. But  even more important is if some or all of your employees work remotely. How can your employees be on the same page if they live in different cities, states or countries? The answer is in the cloud.

Team members can access, share and edit documents and files in real-time when your applications are cloud-based. It increases collaboration, efficiency and productivity. So cloud computing is what you need in this digital age.

Save money

One source notes that companies can reduce their IT costs by an average of 15% by moving to the cloud. It is worth looking at the benefits of using cloud applications. Savings on various fronts. For example, using the cloud is cheaper than buying application licenses. And you don’t have to invest in hardware or related maintenance. This is the seller’s responsibility and will help you save money.


What happens if an employee of your company loses a computer with trade secrets, confidential documents and intellectual property rights stored on its hard drive? Even if the computer costs a few euros, it is worth more in terms of content. Add to this scenario the potential costs of government regulations if confidential information is leaked. A contract can cause financial and reputational damage to your business.

But you don’t have the same level of concern when your business moves to the cloud. Confidential, sensitive or top secret information must not be stored on employees’ computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets or other devices. Data can be stored securely on your cloud service provider’s secure servers. So even if an employee’s device is stolen, your company doesn’t have to worry about losing sensitive data.

Stay tuned

When you buy software and have to do manual updates, it’s quite difficult. When you move to the cloud, you don’t have to worry about keeping the applications you use. The vendor ensures that the solutions are always up to date – and this happens automatically without your involvement.

Whether you need financial management software for accounting or customer  management software for  better customer service, you can find it in the cloud. But these tools are more useful if they are updated regularly.

Disaster Recovery 

The movement of the cloud also means that you are better protected?in a situation that requires disaster recovery. A severe storm, terrorist attack or other catastrophic event can take systems offline. What are your options if this happens? The cloud offers an efficient solution. You can back up software, data and resources to the cloud. Business continuity is ensured because you can easily ?access your data. You don’t have to worry about losing ?valuable information.

hese are just a few reasons why you should be in the cloud if you aren’t already. There is a lot  at stake. Weigh the benefits and costs and then make an informed decision for your business. You probably realize that the cloud is a must.

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