Reasons to Purchase a Two Wheeler with a Personal Loan

Are you eagerly looking for a bike to buy but waiting for the right time/ reason to do so? A two wheeler is always a good investment that pays off handsomely! Even if you are among those who view a bike as a super luxury item, you’d agree with us on the following real life scenarios.

two wheeler vehicle loan

Pleasure lightens up your commute. Whether it�s to get the kids to school, run errands around town or just some leisure riding Pleasure will take you there. With a reliable engine and smart design that weighs only 130 Is (dry) it is ideal for the Indian commuter who needs to go from here to there on a daily basis. Pleasure comes in gorgeous colours of black and white, purple or pink and is ideal for girls of all ages � be it your mother, daughter, sister or even grandmother � with a top speed of 55 kmph.

Here It Is: Why We Should Purchase Two Wheeler With Personal Loan

  • There is no two-wheeler that everyone needs and there are millions of two-wheeler buyers in India. Two-wheeler loans are here to help them realize their dream of owning a two-wheeler; and this financial product was born to make the entire process as simple and hassle free as possible. We offer quick loan approvals, flexible repayment options and hassle free processes for all our customers.
  • A two-wheeler is an everyday essential for many Indian households. While buying a new bike or scooter requires making a large upfront payment using your hard earned cash that you have set aside, it also involves the risk of not being able to fulfill all the documentation and provide collateral required, especially if you are borrowing from a bank or other conventional lending institutions. However, the good news is that the top credit providers in India offer financing solutions for your vehicle purchase with attractive schemes including vehicle loans, EMI calculator and more online on their websites. Muthoot Capital Services Limited share stock price has soared 206% in the last half decade over the long term as a proxy for business performance.
  • The 2 wheeler loan providers also have tie-ups with all the bike dealerships to provide the best finance options. Since the lender provides money for up to 90% of the price of the bike, you need not empty your savings, or borrow from anyone just in case you do not have sufficient money saved up. But just in case you end up saving enough or increase your income, you may also prepay a part of your loan amount at a later date and save money on interest fee. At present, most 2 wheeler loans come with a down payment of anything between 20 to 50% of the overall
  • A 2-wheeler is an important aid to every Indian youngster. Be it for meeting friends, going to the market or simply cruising around in your locality, a two wheeler is a very important possession. However, depending on the location and spending pattern your 2 wheeler loan will vary from person to person. As the interest rate of personal loans at banks and NBFCs are quite high one can save good chunks of money by availing car loans from direct car financing companies.

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