7 Reasons To Plant Hedges In Your Home

There are tons of different kinds of plants that people keep in their gardens to enhance the beauty of their homes and backyards. However, if there’s one plant that is most popular among people from at least the Medieval times of England, it is the Hedge plant. The hedge plants are of many different kinds. Depending upon your lifestyle and preferences, you can choose to plant a hedge for your home. The most common reason people prefer to plant hedges in their homes is that they serve as great plants for privacy in the house. Also, they look beautiful for decorating the house. 

?In addition, hedges are generally evergreen plants that do not need much watering and care. So, one can easily grow hedges in their home garden. However, if you are still not convinced why you should buy lilac hedges in your home, this article might help you decide.

Here are some reasons to plant hedges in your home. 

 1- Sustainability 

Compared to a wall or fence, a hedge plant is an inexpensive investment that can last long. Additionally, its greenery also serves as a good investment to maintain the house’s beauty. It is a fact that the greener houses tend to have higher prices. Greenery, in general, contributes to the overall appeal and beauty of the houses. Thus, it is always a good idea to buy lilac hedges for your house.?

2- Environmental and Wildlife Benefits 

A hedging plant is one of the most environmental-friendly plants that give back to the environment. Plants like the black Aronia hedge plants and hedging screens absorb the harmful toxins and particles in the environment. Many studies have shown that a wall of greenery can absorb 50% of the toxins and particles to clean the air. In addition, hedges offer habitat and shade to wildlife. For example, hedges like laurels and other hedge plants that boom are an important source for birds, bees, and butterflies. Thus, dense hedges are an environmental asset, especially where children play in yards or gardens are grown.?

3- Privacy 

If you like to add some privacy to your house, then hedge plants can be a great option. The evergreen hedges’ dense foliage and small leaves are almost impossible to see through. Therefore, serve as an ideal privacy screen for homes in busy areas or create a private garden space. Moreover, since hedges are evergreen plants, they guarantee benefits to your property all year long. 

4- Low Maintenance 

Although every hedge requires some maintenance in terms of watering and clipping, some hedges require more maintenance than others. However, for many hedge plants, like knock-out roses, hollies, and arborvitae, you can just plant, feed, and forget. You will just need to apply pest or disease migration occasionally, but these plants don’t need much attention and are easy to care for. 

5- Help with Drainage and Excess Groundwater 

Another benefit of planting hedge plants is that they serve as a natural sponge for excess water and help with soil drainage. In addition, they help the companion plants panted alongside them to have better-growing conditions. Furthermore, hedges also help protect water ingress from garden to home and reduce groundwater sitting in fields after a heavy period of rain. 

6- Protection from Wind 

Another big reason to plant hedge is that it provides shelter from winds. The hedge plants filter and calm the breeze, improving air circulation. In addition, a hedge plant is useful in reducing salt erosion and damage to foliage from salt and sand in sea areas. Furthermore, a hedge plant is strong and flexible, which allows some air to pass through and lessen wind pressure in severe windy conditions. 

7- Natural Beauty 

A hedge is an evergreen plant that adds beauty, color, and versatility to your garden. They are the most aesthetically-pleasing plants with various flowering and fruiting plants. They are widely available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can grow hedge plants according to your preference, from medium height roses to tall arborvitae.  

Final Words 

Hedge Plants are one of the most aesthetically pleasing and easy to grow plants. Therefore, they are particularly best for residential areas where privacy, healthy greenery, beauty, and biodiversity are the priority for people. In addition, hedge plants also help control air pollution and manage soil erosion due to excessive water. Lastly, the hedge plants are much easier to maintain and care for than any other plant. Therefore, most people prefer to plant lilac hedges in their homes.

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