Real Struggle of Internet Users to Overcome from Slow Internet (743)

Yes, it is true that people are awesomely living their life before the internet to. At that time the basic requirement of the people was limited to only food, clothes, and shelter. But things have been changed now! It’s 2020 and everyone is totally dependent upon the online facilities to do any work. From ordering food to booking cab is done online. What convenient life people are leaving today is totally out of box but it’s real!

What Internet has given to us? Today whatever is going on like online studies, running remote business and even transferring the money is because of these advance technologies. With the internet, the life of today’s generation is completely revolutionized. You can easily imagine this crucial and epidemic time period without Wireless internet facility right?

So pursuing education from home? What happen, not getting the right bandwidth? Don’t lose hope because I have something for you! Suddenly the pressure on the internet market has risen because the lockdown has forced us to continue our regular jobs now from home. But as you are aware of the home situation, too many people are waiting for their turn to use the internet. Why pay so high when your family can’t enjoy the internet facility all together? 

Some common issues such as no internet or Wi-Fi is performing sluggish or existing router unable to connect are intolerable now. What can you do to get rid of these tacky headaches? Installing the new orbi router won’t be a bad idea. Stop torturing yourself; just login your router at interface instead of other portal.  I have seen many times that people are not happy with the expensive router even that’s because the older router mostly has bandwidth to connect with 2-3 devices. So it’s very obvious that you don’t require your old router at your home anymore!

When people indulge in the corporate world, doing Skype, webinars, and conference meetings become part of their daily life. And it is not possible with hi-fi internet speed. It is a real struggle for them at that time to maintain the right internet speed during the whole meeting. They should try Orbi at least once.

Why I Like Orbi? 

As more people go online in the family, internet surfing go more slowly! It affects download speed and conference video qualities. So as per my experience had with orbi, during the whole lockdown, I never been tortured by my router. Below are reasons why I only rely on orbi after lockdown:

  1. You don’t have to worry about the “count” of devices connected to your router. it is basically designed to cover the whole corporate, 3 storey house so dead zone issues, disconnecting problems, and not reaching to my room error will totally vanish.
  2. User of orbi router feels more secure because they can easily protect their family members and house from far away. As orbi supports the Alexa and Google Assistance, you don’t have to spend separately for Alexa Devices. With the help of your laptop or Orbi mobile app, you can watch your families what they are doing and whether someone trying to breach into your house or not? I actually love this one!
  3. Do you want to know the browsing history of your child, Normally children of today generation are very clever, Even if they don’t have their smartphones, they ask parents for their smartphones. And after watching or surfing something, some children may clear the history. So for those parents, I will recommend installing the orbi.

Lets us talk about the actual struggle of the internet users:

  •  Are you expecting too much from your router? It is that so, then I would like to tell you that “expectation always hurts”. Every router comes with some advantages and some disadvantages. Either it can cost you less or have been designed to you to provide the limited bandwidth.
  • Haven’t noticed that you are accessing those apps which are high bandwidth hogs: Many apps like videos, BitTorrent usually requires a high amount of data so if you face slow internet issues during the office meeting while accessing that BitTorrent, it’s natural. You just need to stop doing that at the same time.
  • Might be you are just a victim: It can be possible that the slow internet is not because of the high bandwidth apps, trouble is coming from the ISP. Call them to rectify it.
  • Placing of router, matter a lot: As you have read in many online portals that router should be placed in the center, by chance if you forget to place it the correct position, the internet will run slowly.

I understand very well that you guys have a high pressure to work during the lockdowns and internet is not supporting you in the way you want. If you have ever had experienced such errors or still going with the bad network experiences, I would just say try Orbi Now!

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