Have features that make a winning real estate app in 2021

Ever since the real estate business expanded to online platforms and smartphones, it has been a profitable trend for the industry. With the increase in smartphone users, more customers are available for real estate services and real estate agents get to communicate and collaborate with other agents and clients. Such marketing activities have started ever since the advent of smartphones in reasonable prices.

With this, even real estate app developer find success in gaining commissions and clients who are interested in developing a real estate app. The following are key explanation to understand the perks of making a real estate app now,

Why this is a Hard Ongoing Trend

●     Improved Customer Interaction and Efficient Sales Process

●     Indefinite Communication Channel and Efficient Finalising Process

●     High Pace in Business Expansion with Right Commercial Realtor App

●     Way to Improve Brand Making

●     Introduce Marketing Channels to Your Business

●     Improved Customer Experience

●     Extra  Monetization Channel in the App

●     Routine Tasks Automated

Ideas And Types

There are many types of applications available to try out which are directly or indirectly related to real estate. The custom real estate app contains additional custom features that carry a variety of functions, so before looking at the steps of mobile development it is important to understand what your application type is, main purpose of developing the app and tech stack it should contain.

The following are guided examples of the types of real estate applications that is available and used in the market,

House Renting App

According to your budget, requirements, location etc. you can modify your search, so long as the address,  neighbourhood name, state or even city is mentioned. You should receive a list of properties up for sale or rent that you specifically like that would suit your needs.

App for Real Estate Agent

This is a communication software used between users who are agents or clients, it documents single or multiple or multiple properties management. Features like scheduling meeting dates according to property listings, or any other tedious tasks that takes up time and effort.

Property Management App

This application is for users who are property managers and want updates on their properties at any point of time. The features include viewing and checking the rent placed in each property. This also includes present status reveal like for tenants who have paid the rent in advance, on time or due the deadline.

Here’s How You Can Start

 Always choose which platform to launch the application before designing or developing it, the varieties are cross-platform, native or hybrid. For developers keen on making a web app, they can choose a recent trend in web development like a react-native app for real estate. Choosing the majorly used operating system also increases the chances of installation.

The mentioned explanation are the essential features to Include in the App

Vast Data Collection

For a meticulous industry such as Real Estate, the database condition should provide ample information and should have maximum storage capacity with additional optimization. This provides users with listings quickly and gives the desired match they looked for.

Invest on an Advanced Search System

This gives users the opportunity to assess if a property has potential commercial value in the market. So, with a better structured database, the app’s UX performs better. However, organising information is the user’s task so that the system can highlight the popular condition for clients. The information includes things like location, type of property and range of price. Additionally, square footage, on-site parking, year of establishment and in-unit laundry room are included as well.

Include Favourite feature

This lets users organise their list of interested properties, the realtor has access to this feature too to know the client’s preferences so that they can suggest similar properties.

Provide both List and Map View

This is important for clients as they often put a heavy emphasis on the location of the property that they aim to buy. It allows the users to see the surrounding area and facilities too.

Integrate Social Media into the App

This feature allows real estate agents to share property profile on their social media channels so that interested parties may contact them via social media.

Add a Calculator for Mortgage Calculation

This may seem like a small feature to include but it adds up to accurately calculating sums of mortgage. This is a simple yet important tool to include.

Description of Property Listings

Having detailed information about individual properties help persuade users to come up with a complete discussion. This way both parties can save time and effort.

Instant Contact for Concerns

Instead of calling or emailing the agents, customers can get instant replies through instant messaging, this is especially good I’m case of emergencies and direct concerns.

Have an Admin Panel or Functionality Profile

This part include an array of features different from each other, users may include their property or revenue management or even an archive for intricate reports.

Include CRM Solution and Push Notifications

In order for realtors to understand their customers, customer relationship management solutions should be included. This acts more like a feedback station so that developers can improve the application’s features. Push notifications allow extra user communication that leads to quicker sales.

Project a 3-D Model Showcasing  Option or Street View

For real estate agents and clients, this is a good way of further enhancing the experience of looking through properties, remotely. The use of AR/VR integration allows the viewer to see the surroundings in 3-D

Lastly, Include a Customer Support And Lead Management Panel

A place where users go to customize their search, schedule tours, manage listings etc. this feature also depends on the purpose of the application


Nowadays, real estate app developer are a type of app developer whose main work is to develop apps that cater the needs and demands of real estate agents, their clients, realtors and property managers. The use of AI for task automation, AR/VR feature, and many more improve the management and performance of the app.

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