Why Is React Mobile App Development Better Than Other Tech?

react better than other tech

ReactJS is a well-known library for creating dynamic user interfaces using JavaScript. In the mobile app development world, ReactJS is a valuable technology for building high-quality, scalable, and efficient mobile apps. Over 1.3 million websites are using React. Through virtual DOMs and reusable components, ReactJS is gaining popularity in mobile app development.

In today’s business environment, productivity requires the development of apps. ReactJS is an open-source solution for developing mobile apps that use JavaScript as its scripting and markup language. Its source code can easily be customized to meet project requirements and build better-suited apps.

Are you curious about using ReactJS for mobile app development? Wondering how to create a mobile app using ReactJS? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into why ReactJS is an excellent choice for mobile app development, answering all your questions and more. Let’s get started!

Reasons To Use ReactJS For Mobile App Development

Hybrid App Development Support

ReactJS for mobile is a sought-after solution for hybrid app development, simplifying the maintenance process for iOS and Android apps. Traditional development approaches often require different languages and frameworks for each platform, leading to a challenging and time-consuming maintenance process. ReactJS streamlines the process by enabling developers to create apps using a single, unified platform, resulting in a seamless user experience on all devices.

CTOs and startup owners only need to hire React developers who are JavaScript experts and  understand Native UI and APIs, eliminating the need for multiple experts in various languages and frameworks. This helps to make the entire development process more efficient and hassle-free.

In other words, ReactJS is like a one-stop shop for mobile app development. Instead of hiring experts in different languages, ReactJS offers a more streamlined approach to mobile app development, allowing you to focus on creating the best possible user experience for your customers. So, if you want to be a superhero in mobile app development, choose ReactJS!

Virtual DOM

ReactJS relies solely on a virtual DOM for all its components. This means that developers can change mobile apps in the virtual DOM, which React-DOM then uses to make the necessary updates.

React developers can quickly and safely test any risk factors in the app by making changes to the virtual DOM. This is crucial to ensure a smooth user experience and faster app rendering before the final release.

In other words, React developers are like scientists conducting experiments in a virtual laboratory to make apps safer and faster. They carefully inspect and evaluate each element and use the virtual DOM to test and make changes before releasing the final product. By creating different memory data structures and analyzing them, developers can ensure that the app is efficient and meets the needs of the end users. 

It’s Flexible

ReactJS is known for its flexibility, a key focus since its inception. Whether for web or app development, ReactJS is an excellent choice as it simplifies the app development process and yields great results. One of the reasons for its flexibility is its simple code structure, which makes it easier for developers to maintain and customize apps. This not only saves time but also reduces the overall cost of app development.

Moreover, ReactJS offers various libraries, providing developers with multiple tools and architectures for each development project. This allows businesses to customize their apps by selecting the relevant tools that meet their specific requirements. That’s why ReactJS is a popular choice for custom app development. With diverse tools and architectures available, businesses can choose the ones that fit their needs perfectly, making ReactJS for mobile app development highly preferred.

High-end Development Requirements

ReactJS offers a design kit that delivers top-notch results for businesses. This library enables the creation of intricate mobile and web apps and browser-specific tools that simplify component hierarchy scaling.

ReactJS’s efficiency for mobile app development is evident from its use by industry giants. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent users of ReactJS:


Even the popular social media platform, Instagram, has utilized the ReactJS framework for its app development. ReactJS covers all platform aspects, including the stories section, picture feed, and search bar. ReactJS provides tools for optimizing user experiences, such as video sharing and progressive loading.


The innovative electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla relies on ReactJS for its app development needs. With a wide range of cutting-edge tech solutions, Tesla needs advanced web and app development, which is streamlined by the ReactJS framework to achieve its objectives.


Netflix, the leading OTT (over-the-top) platform, also attributes its success to ReactJS programming. The framework provides excellent runtime performance and execution speed and minimizes the initial loading time, thanks to facilities like Gibbon.

Rapid App Development

ReactJS is a must-have tool for swift and precise mobile app development, crucial to staying ahead in the competitive business world. It provides developers with various options to create faster and more efficient web and mobile apps. With ReactJS, developers can execute complex processes and employ advanced techniques while keeping budgets and deadlines in check.

Using ReactJS, developers can transform essential iOS and Android codes into fully-functional mobile and web apps. As a result, ReactJS is an indispensable component of app development. That’s why it’s essential to engage the services of an experienced web development company to help turn your ideas into reality.

Unidirectional Data Flow

ReactJS has a nifty feature called one-way data flow, which makes data management easy as pie. ReactJS developers can effortlessly modify values with HTML flags, transfer data, and perform other data management tasks.

Because ReactJS is also used for complex apps, it has to handle many incomprehensible features. To tackle this, ReactJS development incorporates callback or rollback features that can also meet additional requirements.

Thanks to its unidirectional data flow, data transfer from the parent and child components is a breeze. 

It Helps In The Long Run

ReactJS development is a winning solution for businesses in the long run. In this fast-paced business world, innovation is no longer a luxury but a requirement. ReactJS has become a go-to choice for developers due to its ability to easily create web and mobile apps, even for a constantly evolving market. The framework has separate protocols for developing web apps, giving it an edge over its competitors.

ReactJS for mobile app development is a wise investment for the future. The framework provides reliability and enables speedy and agile app development, making it the ideal choice for companies that require a quick launch. So, if you want to stay ahead in the race and make a lasting impression in the market, ReactJS development is the way to go!


Putting an app through rigorous testing is an important aspect of developing a high-quality product, and React is a framework that makes this process a breeze for developers. React’s popularity among developers can be attributed to its comprehensive testing capabilities. The framework has powerful tools like Jest and Enzyme, making testing and debugging apps easy.

Jest is a lightweight testing framework for JavaScript, while Enzyme is a library that allows developers to test React components. By using both tools in tandem, developers can quickly identify and address issues in the user interface, ensuring that the final product is efficient and effective.

Developers Productivity

From a developer perspective, React offers a short learning curve with reliable community support. It provides a library with rich functionality and flexible development opportunities, making it easier for developers to build complex mobile apps.

ReactJS Mobile App Development: Best Practices for a Smooth and Efficient Experience

As ReactJS continues to rise in popularity as a framework for mobile app development, it’s essential to keep up with best practices to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. Here are some of the top practices to remember when developing mobile apps with ReactJS.

Understanding the Different Platforms

One of the most important things to remember when developing mobile apps with ReactJS is to understand the different platforms your app will be used on. You should always ensure that your app works seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms and design your app accordingly.

Keeping Components Simple and Modular

Another important practice is to keep your components simple and modular. This allows you to easily reuse components throughout your app, saving you time and effort in the long run. Additionally, simple and modular components are easier to test and debug, which can help you catch errors before they become major issues.

Using Redux or MobX for State Management

State management is an essential part of any mobile app development, and using a state management library like Redux or MobX can make the process much more efficient. These libraries allow you to manage the state of your app in a centralized location, making it easier to keep track of changes and maintain consistency across different components.

Following Standard Development Practices

Finally, it’s important to follow standard development practices when developing mobile apps with ReactJS. This includes things like using version control, writing clean and readable code, and testing your app thoroughly before releasing it to the public. Following these practices ensures that your app is reliable, efficient, and easy to maintain.

Tech Giants using React Apps

ReactJS has proven to be an efficient tool for some of the most popular apps in the market. 


A platform that enables gamers to connect utilizes the ReactJS library for 98% of its code to provide seamless communication services to its players. On the other hand,


This is a ReactJS-based social networking platform that offers its users pictures and video sharing features. Lastly, 


It has incorporated ReactJS to enhance its customer experience with its payment method by making it mobile-friendly. Its integration with the PayPalExpressCheckOut.js and PayPal payment button has made it easier for users to make payments on the go.

Bottom Lines

ReactJS has proven to be a game-changer in mobile app development. Its ease of use, flexibility, and robustness make it a go-to choice for developers worldwide. With the continuous growth of the mobile app industry, ReactJS will continue to evolve and provide better solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of users. Thus, ReactJS has proven indispensable to the mobile app development scene.


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