Why Ratings And Reviews Are Important For Brands?

Reviews and ratings are the most essential part of a brand?s success and social proof. Nowadays the shopping scenario has transformed leaps and bounds. Customer are tired of hearing about the brand, from the brand. They need fresh and diverse content that inspires and connects with them. 

Customers need to see real-life experiences from people who have used the product and services. Statistics show that 90% of people see atleast one review before they make a purchase decision. Brands have seen a 60% increase in their sales, simply by providing their customers with a modern shopping experience with reviews and ratings.?

Potential customers appreciate reviews to an extent that results show a 3.6% increase in conversion rates. While brands see an 11.9% hike in user engagement, UGC has time and again proven to be highly beneficial for bands to become sensational. 

Brands nowadays are using websites to leverage their reviews. User-generated content platforms like Taggbox makes it effortless for you to embed fast-loading and responsive Review widgets on your website. These platforms help you enhance your website layout offering a stunning website experience. 

Importance of Reviews and Ratings

Let?s look at a few details about how reviews and ratings are important for your brand. 

1. Get to understand your customers?

 Analyzingthe painpoints and advantages your customers have seen with your organisation helps you understand your customers. This provides customer satisfaction to a great extent in the future. Implementing changes as per your customer reviews can help you grow and efficiently resolve issues providing a sense of importance to the customers that they crave. 

2. Develop social proof

Humans are social creature since the moment we come to this digital world. Potential users always look for reviews before they even consider investing in your brand. Users are much likely to ask their family and friends for recommendations. They also follow influencers and make purchase decisions basd on their reviews as well. Having a good review collection can help you build that brand-user relationship and make it healthy enough to influence a massive audience. 

3. Fight for your position in the market?

Reviews hold the position to make new brands stand shoulder to shoulder with existing brands. With the already established competition in the market, having a good review base can help you a lot with standing out in the market. Reviews allow you to gain a positive niche in people?s expectations. 

4. Give your customers voice to develop loyalty?

Customers who take time to leave honest reviews online are more likely to develop a sense of loyalty and tend to make repeat purchases. Reviews establish a relationship between customers and the brand, it not only shows that the customer initiated a conversation it also shows that the brand is listening and improving themselves accordingly. Not just positive reviews, but the way brand acts on a negative review also makes a lot of impact on potential user?s purchase decisions and loyalty. 

5. Improve SEO rankings?

Reviews are the most prominent aspect in your SEO rankins. They help the brand hold a higher rank, even if the brand has a low quality link profile. If your reviews contain a particular keyword or the name of a city, you tend to get a better ranking. All in all, if you incorporate UGC in your website, making it more vibrant and elegant, people tend to make favorable purchase decisions. Ultimately, making your brand successful. With better business and more people visiting your website, your SEO rank goes up. 

6. Turn your customers into brand advocates?

Positive reviews provide a constant source of influencing potential customers. They keep up your brand awareness. Reviews hold the potential to become a marketing strategy that works for a long period of time after the review is posted. And leveraging reviews on your website can keep them permanent, customers can see these reviews and develop a sense of initial trust with has the most power to change their purchase decision. This way your customers are becoming your marketing strategy that works for a longer time period. 

7. Generate more reviews with reviews?

When business have a good review base, it not only just develops social proof but also encourages more people to leave reviews. Simply featuring several reviews is enough to give potential customers the nudge to leave their own reviews. 

Wrapping up!

Online reviews be it positive or negative, stay on the internet. Reviews have the power to make or break your brand. Leevraging reviews on your websites and other social media platforms help your brand build social proof, increase conversion rates, spike user engagement and much more. 

Reviews grab customer?s attention and keep them hooked to your brand enhancing their website dwell time while making them loyal to your brand. The importance of tremendous reviews are very helpful to a massive audience who are also responsible for helping you secure a good online presence. 

Moreover, reviews help you build trust and boost brand?s conversion rates and growth.

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