Ransomware attack on Lake County

Lake County government center was recently stuck by a ransomware attack. It shut down the email server for more than 2 weeks and disrupted operations. 

At about 11 a.m. on august 22, 2019, a computer in the small claims court office displayed a message which stated that all the files on the computer have been locked and encrypted and in order to retrieve them, a decryption key needed to be purchased. So businesses must have cloud disaster recovery solutions to overcome such problems. 

Investigating the cause of the attack

At first, they didn’t respond to it and decided to handle it on their own. The message was reported to the data processing department straightaway and they starting looking it to it.

The message reportedly came from an email and after knowing this all 64 server were scanned to see where it came from. Upon finding that only the email server was infected they cut off all the servers attached to it and the server was shut down. 

The data processing department reported this to the FBI in order to further investigate this. FBI, upon investigation, concluded that the attack came from a phishing email and that they should not pay the ransom as it ‘does not guarantee’ that they will get their data back. It is unclear whether lake county government payed the ransom or not but one thing is sure that they faced a lot of downtime from it. Email server was down for 2 weeks and employees and other government officials were not able to access their emails. 

Why Backup is essential?

Even though there is no way of stopping these ransomware attacks and it is very likely that these will keep on happening, backing up all your data to a secure off-site location can prove to be very useful. 

It is the best way to protect your company from a ransomware attack and it has become a need nowadays. With recent studies and reports showing a rapid increase in ransomware, it has become extremely important for companies and businesses to back up their data constantly. Through proper cloud backups, companies can back up their data rapidly and can protect themselves from ransomware attacks. 

Imagine having to walk into office one day, just to find out that all your systems are locked out and you have lost access to all your data. It is not a good sight, let me tell you that. What if there is an important meeting that day? Or what if there is an office visit by the investors? Or anything other thing, frankly you don’t need a reason if the thought of losing your data frightens you. That itself is quite a big reason to be honest.

If an attack occurs, users can simply recover their data and systems in a matter of minutes and will not have to worry about paying any ransom to these attackers whatsoever, even if they are locked out of their systems. This ensures business continuity to highest level as it guarantees low RTOs and RPOs. Data is always available to the users and is ready to be accessed at all times. Making it more secure and reliable.


Lake County is another example of ransomware attack and how rapidly it is spreading. Upon attack, a company is ‘locked out’ of its systems and are unable to gain access to them. veeam backup to azure can also be used to backup the data. This is return costs them millions of dollar through ransom demands and downtime. Having a cloud backup enables companies to be worry free about ransomware and recover their data in a matter of minustes, without the need to paying ransom. 

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