5 Essentials of choosing the right Quran Teacher

As Muslims, we have certain responsibilities which we must never ignore, even in the most testing of times. One such responsibility is reciting and understanding the Holy Quran. Apart from being a religious responsibility, it can guide us through our worldly troubles. How? The Holy Quran is not any ordinary book. Instead, it is a complete code of life that guides each aspect of a person’s life. It is why we must strive to recite and learn it.

How can we do? By choosing the right Quran tutor. However, it is simpler said than done. Unfortunately, there are numerous controversies associated with Quran tutors and religious schools. Instances of child abuse and imparting extremist thoughts are a common occurrence these days. Not all of it is true. Despite it, we cannot ignore reality.

But does that mean that we should avoid learning Quran altogether? No! The right thing to do is to assess the Quran tutor against certain qualities. If you cannot find anyone in your locality, you can opt for online Quran classes. There are so many online Quran academies that you can indeed find a Quran tutor that meets the requirements. What are these requirements? Let’s discuss them.

1. Knowledge of the Quran

Make sure that the Quran tutor is knowledgeable. How can you assess this? Ask them a few questions about the Holy Quran or how they plan to teach you or your child. Their answers will let you a lot about them. You can even ask them about their learning experience. For instance, who was their teacher, or how long have they been doing this? You can ask them about their past students. Contacting them will let you know a lot more about the Quran tutor.

2. Character

Whether you learn Quran or offline, you need to make sure that the Quran teacher’s character is impeccable. How can you make sure of this? Again, contacting past students can be helpful. If they are an online Quran tutor, check out their reviews on social media or Google.

3. School of Thought

Although we hate admitting it, the reality is that Muslims are deeply divided. So, one should ask the learn Quran online tutor about their school of thought. Naturally, most people opt for the one that they belong to themselves. There is nothing wrong with it. However, we recommend that if you have the time and resources, learn Quran from a tutor from another school of thought. It can widen your mind and help you see things from another perspective.

4. Teaching Method

Does the tutor practice what he preaches? Remember, our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) used to teach by conduct and examples. Apart from this, you need to assess whether the Quran teacher’s teaching methods are compatible with yours. Some people learn better with the help of examples.Can the Quran tutor adapt his learning style according to your requirements? It is something that you must ask the tutor. Share your requirements and apprehensions.Then see if the tutor is willing to address them.

5. Licence

Not everyone can be a Quran tutor. It requires considerable knowledge of the Holy Quran. Therefore, you need to make that the Quran tutor is licensed to teach it to others. In many countries, there is a regulatory body that issues these licenses. Therefore, ask the tutor if they have the license. In countries where licenses are not issued, you can ask others for opinion and feedback. Based on others experience, one can assess if the Quran teacher is good.

Wrap Up

This concludes our article. If you have anything to add to the above information, feel free to send us your suggestions. Remember, whatever problem you are facing in life has an answer in the Holy Quran. Therefore, recite and understand the Quran.

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