Quran For Kids: Making Children Love The Holy Quran And Sunnah

The Holy Quran is a great guide for a human to lead a great life. However, when it comes to teaching the tenets and the principles underlined in the Holy book the task can be challenging. Nevertheless, the Quran for kids is very important to build a strong foundation for their lives. Many parents may struggle to teach the Holy Quran to their kids even though they love to want their kid to love the Quran and Sunnah. Having righteous and Saleh children that live their lives beautifully will be like a holy offering on the art of the parents to the Almighty and the world at large.

What it means to teach Quran to kids

 When it comes to the Quran for kids, you have to straight from the five pillars of Islam to making Ramadan a celebrative event for them. You will also have to buy them the best Islamic toys and books for your kids to help them develop an interest in the holy teachings. Teaching Arabic Alphabet is also a part of learning the Quran.  However, many parents will find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to the learning of the Holy Quran. You may be faced with a lot of questions about the Quran for kids.

Quran For Kids

Remember, there is no one formula when it comes to teaching the Quran to children. Few families derive a benefit by sending their children to the formal institute where learned people will teach their children. In other cases, parents will find it helpful to teach their child at home with the help of an online class.

Finding Time to Teach The Holy Quran To Your Child

Making a child do anything at home is a great challenge for parents, especially the mother who is taking care of the child first hand. Children are full of energy and they just don’t sit and how can you get your child to sit down and get to learning? It is indeed hard.

The first thing you need to take care of setting a good routine for your kid to learn the Quran. In this routine, include a fixed time in the day where your child will it and learn the holy Quran.

Growing children to love the Quran

It is important to make the atmosphere at home conducive to children start loving the Quran and Sunnah. They shouldn’t have to struggle with following something that they are unwilling for. But this surely takes practice and time. Initially we must understand that Quran for kids is truly something that is worth its while.

The first steps

The almighty is to be loved and not be feared. The same is true for the Holy Quran. Remember, we cannot love something that we are afraid of. Using the fear of hell to motivate your children to learn Quran will not work in their favour. In place of using fear, use the love and beauty of life as the catch. This bait is not a wrong one and getting trapped in it only helps the child to become a diamond of a human.

A little narrative

You would understand that the prophet and the Almighty love children. Make children understand the same and create a bond in their hearts with the Almighty, though he may not be seen. But the love and respect for the Supreme will translate into devotion in the coming years. Did you know, Fareed’s mother would secretly place jaggery, sweet dates and sweet milk under Fareed’s bed when he was praying and tell him that Allah has rewarded him the same being please with his Sunnah.

 The story goes, one day the mother forgot to place it and Allah himself rewarded with sweets of internal bliss to little Fareed. That is how Fareed became a great Sufi saint.

This is how beautiful and sweet mother finds a way to make their children love the Holy Quran and Sunnah. They know the way to their child’s heart and know how to connect with the Quran and Almighty.

If you are a passionate mother in progress, you will surely be making your child’ life a heaven on earth for him or her and also people around them, growing them beautifully!

You can also get help with online Quran classes for kids. Surely, you will find why the Quran for kids can be life-transforming for your family and help the kids make the most of the gift of life. There is a rich treasure of unseen bliss from almighty that stand waiting to be explored by your kids and you and the teamwork of parents and children and teachers will make it possible to search and discover it for kids!.

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