QuickBooks Performance Issues

    Quickbooks Performance Issues

    Quickbooks performance can be affected by the computer and books itself. Firstly please ensure that the configuration of your PC is good cause the software requires space and RAM memory.

    Second you can run verifier and rebuild and make sure db fragments of data are below 10. You can confirm it by pressing F2 on the QuickBooks screen.If you are using Quickbooks Online you can reset your browsers or download QuickBooks Online.

    QuickBooks Display Issues

    Here?s what to do if you see any sort of issues in display, such as icons, fonts or the windows is weirdly different sized, the methods that we recommend in order to get the best results are as follows: 

    Method 1 : Change your display settings in QuickBooks

    Before adjusting to any new Windows settings, try and change your regular display and view preferences in QuickBooks

    • Close the QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Then open the Windows Start menu.
    • Find “QuickBooks” into the search bar. Then right-click on the given QuickBooks icon and go to the location of that Open file (Open File Location).
    • Open the folder, right-click on the QuickBooks.exe file and choose Properties.
    • Now Click on the Compatibility tab.
    • Click on the given Disable display scaling on high DPI settings checkbox. You can also select the option Change high DPI settings and then Override on the high DPI scaling behavior.
    • Click on Apply and then on OK.

    Now open QuickBooks and go to the display issues. If it is all good, you can start working again. If not then you can use another method in order to solve it.

    Method 2:  Open QuickBooks and adjust your view preferences.

    • Open QuickBooks, and then Click on the given Edit menu and choose Preferences.
    • Click on the Desktop View from the dropdown and then click on the My Preferences tab.
    • In the given View section, choose the One Window option. Then click on OK.

    Close and reopen QuickBooks and your company file. Check again for display issues. If you are still facing them, then move on to another method.

    Method 3: Change your Windows display settings.

    QuickBooks works best with the default settings of Windows DPI. If you change these settings, you may see some issues in the display.

    Always keep this in mind that changing your Windows settings affects all programs on your PC, not just the QuickBooks.

    • Try and reset the default display settings of the current Windows that is installed in your PC.
    • Set resolution of your screen to at least 1024 x 768. Though we recommend 1920 x 1080 resolution for the best user experience.
    • After doing that, restart your PC, open QuickBooks again and then your company file.

    QuickBooks Sales Tax report issue

    Here?s how you can examine the issues or unexpected results that may be encountered while you?re working on sales tax in your QuickBooks Desktop. Invoice prints ?T? although the sales tax feature is not on.

    • Although the sales tax feature is turned off, Invoice still prints ?T? next to the taxable amount.
    • One of the reason: corrupted invoice template.
    • Quick Tip: You need to rearrange your set invoice template.

    Recommended solution: Here are some methods that we could recommend in order to find a  solution for this problem. The first method may solve your problem, and if not you may try other two methods in order to resolve the issue.

    Method 1: Create a new template.

    • From the dropdown menu, select Templates.
    • In the given Templates window, select the Templates drop-down at the bottom, then select New.
    • Choose the type of the template, and then select OK.
    • Now assign a template name and save your customization.

    Method 2: Duplicate the template

    1. From the Lists menu, select Templates.
    2. In the given Templates window, select to highlight the template that you can use for the invoice.
    3. Select the Templates from the drop down at the bottom, then click on Duplicate.
    4. In the given Template Type window, Click on Invoice, then click on OK.
    5. Use the duplicate template followed by opening an invoice.

    Method 3: Default to the copy of the template

    • From the Lists menu, select Templates.
    • In the Templates window, select the Invoice template twice.
    • In the given primary Customization window, click on Additional Customization.
    • Choose Default > OK on the dialogue box that pop ups.
    • Select OK.

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