How Can We Choose Between The Quartz Wholesale and Granite Depot for Kitchen Countertops?

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Are you looking for a way to renovate your kitchen countertop? Well you are not the only one. All household owners wish for their kitchen to be decorated and beautiful with reliable and durable stones.

But during construction or renovation, no one has any idea to make their kitchen astonishing.Due to unawareness, they cannot make it possible to choose appropriate stones. It may cause a sense of bearing the high cost to cope up with the loss. It may create unwanted placements and loopholes. Moreover,granite depot St. Louis and quartz wholesale St. Louis offer best granite and quartz stones that you can decorate your kitchen with.

This article will provide you with a comprehensive picture of what can be the best choice for you. Either quartz is best for your and their kitchen or not. It will help you to increase the value of your house by the placements of stones. Choosing the best between granite depot St. Louis and quartz wholesale St. Louis depends on what you want to get in comfort.

Moreover, your countertop made with stones from granite depot St. Louis may inspire you to make tasty food as well. The uniqueness, attractive colors, shades, texture, and durability, come up with granite force to like it over others.

What are the Difference between GraniteDepot and Quartz Wholesale?

According to professionals, the first thing is to understand the difference between granite and quartz is their definitions.

Granite is a hard, reliable, elegant and durable stone that is famous for the kitchen makeover. On the other hand, quartz has low quality compared to granite, with many complaints. There are some flaws in quartz wholesale because of fake and human-made manufacturing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Quartz

People are being fooled by manufacturers. They have been providing very low-quality countertops at cheap rates for years. Following are the advantagesof quartz wholesale;

  • Less Expensive: The price of quartz is less than granite. The cost of quartz starts from $50 to $150 per square foot. Some manufacturers charge less than $50. It may decrease the standard quality of quartz.
  • Last Longer: The life of quartzis longer for those who can maintain it properly. The maintenance charge is not so high as compared to granite.
  • Low Maintenance Charges: The charges required for maintaining the quality of quartz is minimum and bearable for a long time. This thing helps to preserve the life of quartz-based countertops for the kitchen and ensure durability.
  • Increase House Value: With the help of quartz countertops, many household owners try to renovate their kitchen countertops. Less in cost, live longer and low maintenance charge, all things push the household owners to choose quartz countertops for a kitchen makeover, which may increase their house?s value.

There are some disadvantages of quartz as well.

  • Color, Shades and Texture: There are some loopholes in the color grading and shading of quartz. Sometimes it feels like human-made errors. There are different shades and colors on the same slab which uses for kitchen countertops.
  • Dirty Marks or Stain: The quartz-based countertops can contaminate easily. They are not stain-free. Light rubbing may cause scratches that couldn?t remove easily as the scratches on granite.
  • Low Surface Structure: The quartz slab?s surface requires coating quickly; otherwise, it may cause deep scratches. These slabs have more resin and less quartz that will shift into holes on the surface.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Granite

Granite based slab or countertop is more famous for the kitchen and houses. Following are some of the advantages of granite;

  • Make House Adorable: The addition of granite to the home increases the quality and value of your home. The quality of granite inspires you to make your food delicious. It motivates you to bring up a new taste in food.
  • Unique Artwork: The artwork of granite countertops is good to see and attract the viewers. It comes up with natural uniqueness and quality artwork of different shades and texture in countertops. No one can copy the level of originality that comes naturally.
  • Available Options: Granite countertops come up with many options, and you can easily find out as per your best match and fit accordingly. When you have many options for the best match, you will enjoy picking one of the best to suit your desire.  
  • Alternatives: There are many things you can do easily on granite slabs or kitchen countertops. For example, you can use them to roll out cookies and kneading for dough. There is no need to get extra knead space when you have granite placement in your kitchen.

There are some disadvantages of granite that may help you to finalize your decision of buying.

  • Maintenance Cost: Regular maintenance requires making durable kitchen countertops. It is durable, but you have to maintain it regularly, which involves cost but not as much. If you don?t defend properly, then you will have to bear more cost after complete damage.
  • Hard Stains: Tough to remove stains, but there are some ways to remove stains but avoid the different chemicals. Use damp cloth once a week; use a microfiber cloth for dust off, use baking soda with dish soap for oily-stains.
  • Extra care:It requires keeping good in condition. Try to make sure that your countertops cover after using. Otherwise, it may cause non-removable stains. In some cases like cracking inspections, stain inspections, and sealing inspection need quick action. If you feel that you couldn?t manage these issues, you can contact a stone professional.
  • Real or Fake: Tough to determine either it is real or fake. It happens because of the high cost of granite. Natural granite can absorb water, produce sound by tapping, price and variations. All these things make a difference between real and fake granite.


Summing up, decorating kitchen countertops is something that everyone wishes to do. But when it comes to choosing between granite and quartz. Still, one should choose wisely as kitchen tends to be the most important part of the house. Quartz wholesale St. Louis has some of the best high quality quartz if you want your kitchen countertop to be decorated with quartz. Moreover if you have any confusion related to these two stones, feel free to ask us.

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