Why PUR Water Filter Light Not Working?

Filter light on a PUR water system helps you determine when the water filter needs to be changed. Every system is different, but they all function similarly. But what if the light on your PUR water filter suddenly stops working? 

1-2 years after installing a PUR water filter, the lights will stop working because the battery is non-replaceable. It’s possible that the filter light won’t work properly or keep blinking if the filter cartridge wasn’t installed properly, if dirt is in the filter housing, or if the reset button is stuck.

Following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding PUR water filter lights and some possible solutions to fix this problem.

We’ll also explain what it means if your filter light turns green, yellow, or red, and why having a functioning filter is so important.

PUR Water Filter Light – What Is It?

It indicates your PUR filter is in the process of filtration. A change of cartridge is indicated by this tool.

As a result, users are alerted to any system issues prior to those becoming detrimental to their health.

Why Does My PUR Water Filter Light Not Work?

In most cases, PUR water filter lights will not work for a variety of reasons. Here are some possibilities:

  • Battery replacements are no longer available.
  • If the red blinking/flashing light appears, the filter needs to be replaced.
  • It is possible that after installing a new filter, the red blinking/flashing light indicates dirt in the filter housing.
  • There is a problem with the reset button.

How Does The Filter Change Light Work?

The Filter Change Light lets you know when it is time to change your filter by measuring the length of time the filter has been in your pitcher.

Reset the light when changing your filter each time.  In accordance with the amount of water that it has filtered or the length of time that it has operated, the filter’s color changes. When the filter reaches its end of life, it has been used for more than 40 gallons of water or 60 days. 

Despite its non-replaceable battery, the filter change light will still function even if the battery eventually stops working.

Green Light

You should see green on your water filter indicator if it is functioning correctly. Filtered water is safe to drink. Therefore, you need not be concerned. 

Replace the old filter as well so that the light turns green. There may be times when the green light blinks, but that isn’t a problem. You need to turn on your filter six times until the green light starts flashing.

In addition to blinking during the initial stages of use, the green light will also blink at other times. 

As soon as the filter is working properly, the green light will turn on, and it will automatically shut off to conserve energy.

Yellow Light

One of the following could be causing your filter light to turn yellow or blink:

  • As a result, it may not have enough suction to operate correctly if the filter is not placed correctly. Make sure the filter is securely attached to the base by tightening the screws around the edge.
  • Your filter needs to be replaced.

Red Light

A red light will indicate that it is time to replace the PUR water filter cartridge when the system detects that it needs to be replaced. PUR water filter should turn green once they have been changed, and the system is ready for use. 

You may notice that the red PUR water filter light is still on after you replace the cartridge. This may be an indication of inadvertent activation or a need for reset.

How To Reset The PUR Water Filter Light

For Faucet Systems

Your faucet needs to be turned off. Take your PUR unit’s cover off to remove the filter. It is fine if the filter does not fit snugly – simply replace it and screw on the cover.

When the lights flash, hold the reset button for 3 seconds, then release it.

Ensure that the reset button does not become stuck when you are holding it in. It can be fixed by gently pulling up on the button.

Replug your faucet with water. If the filter light is flashing green when the filter lever is turned on, the filter is working. In the event that you still see an orange PUR Filter Light after replacing the filter, contact PUR for assistance.

For Pitchers And Dispensers

Press and hold the reset button at the top of the pitcher or the dispenser’s front for 5 seconds after replacing a new filter. A green light will appear.

What To Do When The Light Doesn’t Reset?

Dirt may clog the filter screen on all PUR units, preventing the light to reset in some cases. As a result, your filter is assumed not to work by the system.

Rinse the entire filter housing first to remove any stuck debris. Obtain a PUR faucet or pitcher or dispenser and hold the reset button for three seconds after it has dried. When the light turns green, you are done. 

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