Top 3 PTE Preparation Tips for competing with PTE Algorithm

Until 2009 IELTS, TOEFL, and other OET’s ruled the English proficiency test options. But all of them were human analyzed and had different opinions in the minds of the test takers. It was only when Pearson came up with an exam that is not human-evaluated and human prepared and proved to be unbiased with an entirely computer-based process.

Pearson developed PTE with a complex algorithm where thousands will be test based on AI and their way of answering, making it difficult for the test takers. It was accepted by thousands of academic programs at top universities across the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and more as it provided aspirants who held high standards in communicative skills.

Gradually the students started opting for the PTE Exam as it was quick with results and can be booked at flexible slots. Today Pearson conducts PTE Tests in more than 350 centers in 70 countries. You can also send your scores to as many organizations as you like at no cost.  

But the most critical question that remained intact was ‘How can we beat the PTE Algorithm? And at which level your PTE Preparation must be to score high?’

These questions came up because a large number of native speakers failed the exam. Let us understand the PTE tips by experts that can help you beat the PTE Algorithm and help you score better.

3 PTE Preparation Tips for competing with the PTE Algorithm:

As the PTE test evaluation is AI-based, you cannot define an algorithm to get a higher PTE Score. But you can surely add these tips to improve the ways you prepare for the PTE Exam.

1. Your Accent

It doesn’t matter how much you prepare for the PTE Exam and try to speak out like a native speaker or try faking an accent; you end up getting caught or making a mistake. Supposedly, you are a native speaker, and you are fluent in the English language; you tend to get excited and speak in your regular accent or use slang.

But there are chances that your accent might not be apparent or understood. So, when you speak, make sure you use professional English and speak moderately. So, do not try to fake an accent, instead speak naturally.

2. Not too slow, Not too fast

With the task type being different, your speech delivery is guided along with the task. For example, when you attempt the read-aloud task and repeat sentences, you will speak loudly and at a quick pace, whereas when you attempt to describe the image or re-tell lecture, you must be speaking at your normal speed; but you do not. You speak at the same speed and loudly.

It would be best if you kept your pace normal and your tone natural because speaking too fast leaves your Speech unclear to the computer and might affect your score.

3. Avoid barriers

Your Speech doesn’t consist only of a proper accent and proper speech delivery; it also has many elements that you must consider to improve your speaking. Here are certain things you must take care of:

  • It would be best if you not only took care of pronouncing the word correctly but also expressed them with the context.
  • You must avoid using fillers like ‘aah’ or ‘uhms.’
  • Do not mumble. Your Speech must define your confidence.
  • Avoid the most common mistake of going back and restarting a sentence on committing a mistake.
  • Do not miss out on punctuation; include full stop and commas at the right place.
  • Taking long pauses is also considered wrong. Avoid it.


Apart from the test format’s knowledge, answers to various questions and Speech play a significant role. You need to take care of the proper accent, speed of delivery, and avoiding the barriers discussed. Adding all these to your PTE preparation alone will not help you. Practice a lot. To improve your speaking, you can start practicing with the PTE Tutorials app to record your answers to various questions from different tasks. And you can also evaluate yourself by attempting scored tests and analyze yourselves timely. You can also practice every day by recording yourself and analyzing your pronunciation and Oral Fluency. While working on all these, make sure you do not miss out on improving your grammatical skills.

For Professional guidance and PTE tips by experts, opt for PTE Tutorials Online Group Coaching.

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