Protect Disease in Your Indoor Cat

Does an Indoor cat need vaccination, or it?s an online myth?

We keep pets because they give us love, emotional support and strong company. Those who live alone need company. The presence of Munchkin Cat and dogs makes them feel secure. Do you know? According to research, cats can improve your moods thus who feel depressed love to be around cats.?

In return, we should also care for our pets. Knowing about them and taking care of them should be the duty of the owner. You should know about their illness and their solution so your cat can live a healthy life. Do you have a cat as your pet? If yes, then you must hear of this vaccination is not important for Indoor cats as they do not go out. This is absolutely wrong. There are so many facts about cats on the Internet. Some of them are right and some are wrong.   

There are no such things. If your cat is not getting outside that does not means they can not get ill. In fact, vaccination is important for them too. So, you must vaccinate them for their long and healthy life. 

Choosing a Cat

If you keep your cat healthy your family will also remain healthy. This is because there are many diseases that spread from cats to human beings. So, be conscious. Before choosing a cat you should think properly, especially in case you have pregnant women or young children at your home. 

Caring a Cat

  • Get your cat vaccinated. Keep updated with their routine vaccinations. Being vaccinated they develop a strong immune which helps them to fight. 
  • Take your cat to the veterinarian regularly to keep an account of its health. 
  • Always clean any vomit, urine or poop in the house immediately. 

Why vaccination is Important?

To give a healthy life it is important to vaccinate your cat. But, health is not the only reason for doing this. There could be another reason: 

  1. Protection For Your Cat: It acts as a protection for your cat. Your cat can easily catch many serious diseases. But, vaccination provides them immunity which helps to fight several diseases.  
  2. Many states demand Cat Vaccination:  Yes, it is the law. Many states ask pet owners to provide a certain vaccination certificate, like the rabies vaccine. 

Vaccinations that Protect Disease in Your Indoor Cat 

  • Rabies: Rabies is a hugely found disease in cats. But this disease is incurable. Now you are thinking then what?s the need for a vaccine? Actually, vaccination protects you and your family from getting this disease.  
  • FVRCP: Another vaccination is the FVRCP vaccine. This is also known as the feline herpesvirus/ calicivirus/panleukopenia vaccine. This single vaccine will protect your cat from this three diseases. Feline herpesvirus and calicivirus have respiratory systems like coughing and sneezing. They can also affect joints in the mouth. While Panleukopenia is a kind of feline distemper which causes severe diarrhea. 

The right time to Give Vaccination

As advised vaccination of kittens should be started when they are 6 weeks old. However, the course of vaccination continues till they are about 16 weeks old. Also, the booster dosage is important for them. 


Many people assume that if their Munchkin Cat are leaving indoors, then what?s the need for vaccination? But did you think they may get germs via windows and doors? There is another reason for vaccinating your pets that is it makes you and your family safe from different diseases.?

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