The Pros And Cons Of Probiotics For Babies

Probiotics are as important for infants as it is for adults. One of the reasons is that it can help reduce the incidence of colic. Probiotic supplement manufacturers understand this and work hard to sell parents their products. That doesn?t mean they are all equal.

Probiotics are important and among the best colic remedies, although they aren?t the only ones. Along with them, there are a few other safe remedies you can try. One of the first is for mothers who decide to nurse their babies.

What the mother eats is what the baby eats. Medication is not the only thing that can be passed through breast milk. While each child is different, there are a few things to stay away from. Spicy foods, garlic, and onions are on the top of that list.

Another major cause of colic can be burping the baby. Even if the baby lets out one tiny burp, it doesn?t mean that?s all the gas in there. Babies that are bottle-fed are more likely to have this problem. Don?t just pat the upper back. Pat the lower back and even gently pat the bottom to make sure you get it all out.

There are also things to avoid doing. Some websites claim to have the best colic remedies but some of the advice they offer could be deadly. According to the New Age Herbalist, peppermint is not something that should even be around babies under the age of one. It can cause serious breathing issues. Do not use it as a massage oil.

Baby probiotic supplements are not highly advantageous to breastfed infants. To keep harmful pathogens at bay, natural human breast milk helps the immune system as well as helpful microbes from the mother’s own body. Because nothing artificial is added to the infant’s diet when he or she is exclusively breastfed, there is also a lower danger of disease transmission. If formula or foods are introduced, or the infant is weaned, probiotics may be beneficial. 

In the case of using any herb or essential oil on your child, please check with the pediatrician and the pharmacist. The pediatrician will know about your child?s health. The pharmacist will know if there are problems with the herb when it comes to infants.

As not all websites contain the right information, not all probiotic supplements are the best for your child. Probiotic supplement manufacturers that don?t give complete information should be off the list for consideration.

Biotix Care makes an excellent probiotic supplement for children. It contains the best bacteria strain to enhance the child?s growing digestive tract and immune system. While some products come in powder form, this comes in a dropper which makes it easier to use.

The most important thing for parents and grandparents to know is that Biotix Care is made in Canada. It is approved by the very strict Health Canada and is made from the best ingredients from around the world. Biotix and find the right solution for your probiotic needs.

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