Programmatic Advertising: The Advertising Of The Future

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The machines have slowly but steadily come as a great help to human beings in many menial jobs. Programmatic Advertising is one such example of many.�

It has taken many top digital marketing services In India to a new level. Back in the good old days,ad-buying was done by advertisers, agency and the media. The proposal quotes, and finally RO were shared on the two sides of the table. If we forward it to 2020, we see computer-age kids with programmatic advertising.

In layman�s language, Programmatic Advertising is the automated buying and selling of advertising space.

The programming advertising is done by ad exchanges. It brings advertisers and publishers on the same pedestal. The marketing is done by Digital Marketing Agencies In India or ad exchange. In other words, Programming advertising provides professionals with a large number of advertising spaces and are automatically directed to the target audiences.

So, let�s go ahead and see how does Programmatic Advertising work with the work process as mentioned below:-

  • A person clicks on the website
  • The page and the user information is sent to the ad exchange or in simple language Digital Marketing Agency in India.
  • The ad exchange passes the information of ad space to the relevant clients
  • The advertiser gets the information and decides if the ad impression is relevant to the potential clients based on the following parameters:-
  1. Audience: Age, Gender, Education, Income
  2. Behaviour: Which online sites are frequently visited and what does the user do. 
  3. Context Targeting:-: This targeting is done on the background of a website. E.g. home decor products will target sites like Good Housekeeping magazine while health products may target sites like Health Magazine
  4. Keyword Targeting: These are the magic words that help to access the product. Ex…If the product mentioned is the tricycle, then the words related to the former will be used as keywords Ex. baby tricycle …
  5. Geotargeting: Brands target the customers based on their location.For Ex. If the advertiser has opened a woollen clothes showroom, he can choose people residing in Cold areas.
  6. Data Targeting:– We can select those customers who had earlier shown interest in home decor for health-related products. A shopper who has shown interest earlier in a different product can again be fascinated by totally different merchandise.
  7. Retargeting:– when a user visits your site, a cookie is placed in their computer. With the help of this knowledge, The Top Digital Marketing Service Providers in India attract consumers. They re-establish a connection with the prospective client, as the user had already visited their site.
  • The advertiser of Top Digital Marketing Company in India then sends a bid
  • The highest bidder earns the ad impressions.
  • The ad is provided on the website for the viewer to interact with.
  • The user clicks on the ad.
  • If the user is interested, he becomes a prospective customer.

    Advantages of Programmatic Advertising:-

  •  Advertisers can use their time for better things like planning, making and implement strategies, and many other demanding things as the  not-so-worthy job is done automatically
  • Human errors are minimized
  • The time-consuming traditional method of speaking to the publishers and getting the ad published on the website is eliminated.
  • Ads are exceptionally targeted by automation and can be seen by the right people in the right place at the right time.
  • ROI is high
  • Advertising expenditure is minimized

Disadvantages of Programmatic Advertising:-

  •  Ad Frauds:- Since the advertisers and the buyers cannot keep a track of the users, it can lead to deceit. There can be many robots traffic which could be taken as general web traffic
  • Brand Safety issues:- When the brand is auctioned on a website, there are also strong chances that the site is fraudulent and untrustworthy. This can diminish the credibility of the brand. Worse, the site can be labelled as a blacklisted one.
  • Mark up fees. The Advertisers and the Digital Marketing Service Agencies of India should be aware of the price spread otherwise they will not be able to make a profit


Programmatic Advertising is very effective both in terms of time and cost and efficiency as it reaches millions of target customers across the globe across all devices. This skilful- advertising opens a sea of opportunities for the advertisers and result oriented top digital marketing service providers in India which would not have been possible if everything was done manually. Here, the advertiser doesn�t have to pre-negotiate the rates but pays only for the ad impressions.

Programmatic Advertising is advertising for the future where the target audience will be glued to youtube channels and mobiles.

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