8 Profitable Ways To Improve Your Beverage Sales

    Beverage Sales

    Like any business owner, you would want to guarantee an increase in your revenue but a decrease in your expenditures without sacrificing output quality. This is fundamental if you want to thrive in today?s highly competitive hospitality industry. An excellent way of increasing your sales without increasing your expenses is to focus on improving your beverage sales.

    Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, play a crucial role in boosting your restaurant?s daily income. Most customers usually add thirst-quenchers to their main dish and snacks, while others may only consume drinks, such as coffee and fruit juices during their visit. But how, exactly, can you increase your beverage sales amid today?s fierce market?

    A reputable beverage distributor in the UAE shares the following eight profitable ways to improve your sales.

    1. Let your market know about your beverages

    Lack of awareness is probably the major reason why your beverages are not moving across the bar of your restaurant. And this usually happens both internally and externally.

    Internally, your staff and servers don?t know all the beverages your establishment offers. Externally, your customers are not aware of what drinks are available to order. To bridge this gap, communication is critical.

    As the owner or manager, make sure that beverage sales are included in your server?s initial training. Emphasize to them that the word ?beverage? is not exclusive to alcoholic drinks. 

    Take note that non-alcoholic beverages like soda, juices, coffee, teas, premium water, and crafted products typically turn a higher profit than their alcoholic counterparts. So ensure that your staff is fully aware of all the drinks on your menu, along with their unique selling points.

    It is also crucial that your servers offer diners customization and options. It is like asking the customers what they want together with their pizza, pasta, burger, or steak. For example, asking diners if they want sugar or cream on the side with their coffee, or sugar syrup in their juice are vital aspects of these customization services.

    2. Plan your beverage menu

    Your menu is your establishment?s promise to your customers. In addition to your location and service model, your product offerings are another reason for people to visit your restaurant and keep coming back for more. That said, you must devote time to planning your beverage menu.

    Most consumers assume that there are drinks available whenever they look for food and snacks, but may only think of alcoholic beverages. Thus, it would be best to create a beverage menu that includes everything you offer. By doing so, you can inform your clients about all possible options to quench their thirst.

    3. Patronize seasonal brews

    Seasonal brews appeal to lots of consumers today. So be aware of in-demand seasonal beverages you can offer. For instance, you can garnish sparkling soda or water with seasonal fresh fruits to satisfy and impress your customers.

    4. Present your beverages with a goal to impress

    The presentation of your products is vital. How your beverage offerings look can attract diners to order them. Instead of using basic or plain plastic glasses, consider serving your drinks in uniquely designed glassware. In addition, your bar staff must be skilled enough to make the beverages enticing and flavorful.

    5. Offer personalized or make-your-own drink options

    Personalization has taken its place in the beverage industry. Modern consumers are looking for drinks that can be customized to their specific requirements ? from sugar level to particular ingredients.

    A great idea to implement in your establishment is to let your customers come up with their own food and drinks. You can offer them a list of ingredients that can be combined for their customized drink. Also, you can provide them with extras to add to their beverages, such as syrup, to further enhance flavor.

    Think of more ways to provide more personalized drinks, and try themout to determine how your customers react.

    6. Highlight health and wellness benefits

    A lot of customers today put a premium on alternatives that support a healthier way of life. Superfoods, antioxidants, probiotics, and other nutritional qualities are crucial food and beverage attributes. So now is the best time to craft refreshments that can make your customers healthy and happy. For instance, you can add nutritious ingredients, such as honey, ginger, lemon, and coconut milk, to traditional drinks to boost nutrient content.

    7. Take advantage of social media platforms

    Most people today are online. This means that most of your target consumers will see your unique offerings if you promote your products through social media platforms. Make sure, though, that your promotion is crafted in ways that will create a sense of urgency to make them go to your restaurant immediately or put their orders online for instant delivery.

    8. Work with a reputable beverage distributor

    A reputable beverage distributor is critical for your restaurant to cater to your patrons? requirements and if you are looking for high-quality ingredients for your restaurant offerings.

    If you?re thinking of selling your own brand of refreshments, a beverage distributor will undoubtedly position your products highly profitably. Your beverages can gain a favorable reputation across cities and nations. You can reach your target customers since reputable distributors and food companies in the UAE will have the right resources to help you do so.

    But if you are just looking for ways to boost your brew menu, a beverage distributor can provide you with great options to make your offerings more appealing and tasteful. For instance, you?ll have access to a wide range of syrups that can transform unappealing tastes into something sweet, flavorful and extraordinary. With the right syrup, cocktails can taste nuttier or fruitier, or just plain delicious. 

    With lots of establishments offering novel kinds of refreshments these days, you must implement these eight proven ways to stay on top of the competition. 

    Train your staff well, so they know exactly what drinks to offer. Carefully come up with a menu that compels consumers to order.  Hire skilled bar staff that can present striking drinks, preferably those who have undergone professional barista courses

    Offer brews that are in season, customizable, and contain healthy ingredients. And most importantly, work with a reputable beverage distributor that will both market your brand and provide you with options to make your offerings more interesting, flavorful, and delicious.

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