Professional Auto Cleaning and Maintenance Products You Need

Auto care and maintenance at home is not only therapeutic, but it also prolongs your car or bike’s service life with regular in-house maintenance.

Moreover, you don’t have to rush to the mechanic for simple repairs like removing a scratch.

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This article lists some of the most practical and budget-friendly auto care and maintenance products used by professionals.

Best Professional Auto Cleaning and Maintenance Products

Here are some professional bike and car care products that you can purchase for regular auto maintenance at home:

Microfiber towels

The first thing to add to your car tool kit is a bunch of good quality microfiber towels.

If you use just any random cloth on the car or bike surface, it can put very minute scratches and swirls which will ultimately fade off the car’s paintwork.

Unlike any random cloth, a microfiber cloth gently cleans the surface.

While a microfiber towel is tough on the stains, it is very gentle on the car’s surface.

Furthermore, the micro fibers are also able to clean even the tiniest of particles of dust and dirt from the automobile’s surface.

Car wash shampoo

If you are washing your car or bike with a random soap or shampoo then you need to stop right now!

Such detergents and shampoos are very harsh on the automobile’s paintwork and they do more harm than any good.

A professional car wash shampoo comes with different additives that function to remove dust, dirt, bugs, and even the toughest of stains from the auto’s surface with ease. All this is done without damaging or fading the paint job.

Rather, a good-quality car wash shampoo adds a pristine shine to the vehicle’s body and enhances its colour.

Regular washing with a car wash shampoo helps to preserve the shiny car or bike paint for a very long time.

Car wax

A car wax compound is used after washing or polishing the car or bike. Car wax works as a paint sealant on top of the vehicle’s paintwork.

While majorly the car wax is used to add a glossy shine on the surface after a wash, it also functions to add a protective layer on the surface to prevent any more damage by repelling off dust and dirt particles.

Some car waxes are even able to protect the paint from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Car polish

A car polish is a special compound that is not used as frequently as car wash shampoo or car wax.

Car polish is an abrasive compound that functions by removing a very thin layer of the paintwork’s top layer. Doing so removes minute scratches and swirls that make the car or bike look dull.

A car wax is effective as it also removes the layer of oxidation from the car’s surface, leaving it looking as shiny and glossy as new.

You can use a car polish compound on your car and bike about once every year, not more than that as each time you polish it, a very fine layer of the paint is being removed.

Tyre shine

After months and years of driving, your tyres can lose their black shine and look pale and dull, covered with scratches and cracks.

A tyre shine formula helps you to easily remove any dust, dirt, mud, or stains from the wheels while also adding a deep black, enriched shine to the tyres.

A good quality tyre shine also provides excellent coverage to scratches and cracks on the tyres.

Glass cleaner

The windows and windshield of your vehicle require a different type of cleaning compound that works excellently on the glass surface.

A glass cleaner removes dust, dirt, and stains from the glass surface without leaving any ugly streak marks.

A premium quality glass cleaner will also add a protective layer on the glass to prevent any build-up in the future.

Paddock stand

If you are a DIY person who loves to do everything on his own, then a bike paddock stand is a must-have for you.

A bike paddock stand allows you to keep the bike in neutral position and rotate its wheels with ease.

It comes helpful for tyre change, puncture repair, bike servicing, or thorough washing of the tyres.

A paddock stand is also useful in cases when the bike has to be parked in the same position for a very long time. Using a paddock stand to park the bike prevents flat spots and also prolongs the service life of the bike’s tyres.


So here are some professional auto care and maintenance products that you can add to your garage to enjoy auto maintenance experience and prolong your vehicle’s lifespan with regular maintenance.

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Hope you enjoyed reading through to the end of this article. Have a wonderful day ahead.

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