Why is it Important to use Professional Agency to Hire a Nanny

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The nanny hiring process could be really overwhelming, especially when you are managing it all by yourself and specifically looking for a candidate with English speaking skills. You may have to place a nanny classified advertisement for those looking for English Speaking Nanny jobs in Spain, and see which matches your specific needs. You then have to go through the entire process of sifting through hundreds of responses from prospective candidates,  followed by endless calls, screenings and conducting interviews!

As a parent, this could be one of the most important decisions you could take for your children. You would want someone who could develop the trust and confidence that you are seeking, while she teaches, nurtures and cares for your little ones. The whole process of hiring such an ideal person, indeed demands a lot of time and effort!

In that scenario, it may just be the right decision to work with professional agency that can bring to the table, the kind of expertise and support you are looking for. Professional recruiters at the agencies can make the entire process seem effortless and quick, as they are highly skilled in providing you with your ideal candidate.

What do parents look for in an ideal nanny?

Well, there are a few specific qualities that parents look for, in a nanny. Although there are varied personalities that you would come across while on a search for your ideal Nanny, however, there are some basic attributes that can be considered for validating a candidate as the successful nanny. 

They are:

  • Love for kids: Qualification,  experience and skills do matter extremely when you are looking for a person just perfect for your kids and family. But it may be noted that the top characteristics that you should look out for a quality caregiver, is her love for kids! A Nanny who enjoys being around with kids and feel honoured to be their nanny, should be your matchless candidate.
  • Punctuality: Punctuality happens to be a key attribute required of employees across all industries, and it’s no different with the Nanny job. A  Nanny is highly expected to be punctual as she needs to take charge of the duties appointed to her, sometime prior to the time when parents leave for their office. The nanny may also have to drop-off and pick up kids from school and evening classes, and also manage her time to accomplish other household tasks in between, and this makes it imperative for her to be on time always. Her good time management skills and punctuality can keep everything and everyone just on the right track!
  • Patience: Handling kids and their tantrums can be extremely stressful at times. This can make caring for them a really challenging task even at the best of times. Here, patience is a crucial attribute expected to be displayed by your ideal Nanny. A person who can keep peace with these challenging moments and does not lose her temper upon the overwhelming situations, make for a perfect choice as a Nanny!
  • Flexible: Nannies are expected to be flexible with working hours, as most parents who prefer to hire a nanny over other types of care services need her to be so. Nanny care may extend beyond the 9 to 5 schedule, specially when both parents are working and they may be required to leave early or stay longer at their workplace at times. Nannies who can adjust their schedule and timing as and when required by the parents tend to be more successful in their field of job.
  • Trustworthy: Leaving your children, your home, car and other valuables with someone you did not know earlier, need some audacity and a lot of trust. This makes Nanny’s trustworthiness, an important part of the hiring process. You also need to make sure, that the person you are appointing as your child? caregiver,  displays attributes of being a good decision maker for your child’s health and well being. Also that she displays respect to your home and property and protects your privacy at all times.
  • Communication skills: Another major attribute that parents seek in the best nanny, is her ability to communicate efficiently, both with them as well as their children. She is not expected to keep anything regarding the child, rather give comprehensive updates at the end of the day. Parents prefer nannies who are quick to put forth queries regarding the child and any other issues related to them, so as to know the scope of her responsibilities and duties in a better way.

Now, let?s checkout how a professional agency can be of an extreme help while hiring a perfect Nanny for your children.

  1. Through screening and reference checking: Professional agencies screen all references thoroughly, so you can stay assured of the best references being produced before you for selection. The agencies have a team of professionally trained placement specialists, who personally hand-pick the most eligible references to be forwarded to their clients. Every candidate who registers with the agency has to provide them with their complete and chronological history about their previous employments.?
  2. Bring along knowledge and experience: Some good professional agencies bring along an abundance of knowledge and experience that make your search completely hassle-free.? With them, you will always be in contact with a counsellor who completely understands your specific requirements. The placement specialists of these professional agencies can easily identify and present to you the candidates who meet your family’s specific criteria.
  3. Hiring process made easy through step by step guidance: Good professional agencies always provide their client with personalised guidance right from the beginning of the hiring process to the completion. To assist through all the phases of the placement process, the professionally trained staff keeps a constant contact with the Nanny candidates, as well as the client families, so as to assist them with interview, trial and other processes, apart from giving valuable feedback to both parties after the meetings have concluded.
  4. ?Terms of employment? makes it a safe indulgence: The professional agencies have their ?terms of employment? agreement that specifies all the critical aspects that have to be borne in mind before the hiring process takes place. This agreement can be used by the client as a contract between them and their nanny. The ?terms of employment? agreement is designed such that each party is ensured a clear picture of the expectations and parameters of the position in question. It gives details of the days off, vacation time, health insurance coverage, tax information and other information that’s required for an agreement to be called perfect.
  5. Provides support to both families and nannies: Any concern that may arise during the placement process is immediately dealt with, by the trained staff of professionals at the agencies. These agencies assist in developing the nanny-family relationship, so that the entire process runs smoothly and effectively.
  6. Background checks: Professional agencies also ensure a proper and thorough screening of each and every candidate. This also gives them a upper hand to the other service providers, especially the online service providers, where anyone can post their profile and present themselves as knowledgeable and experienced caregiver. The professional agencies always perform the criminal checks with the candidates, so that your family is insured of safety. This is an absolutely necessary task: to know the candidate before hiring and determining if she is fit to be given the responsibility of your child and the family. These safety measures are very time consuming too, but the professional agencies takeover the reigns and provide you with the most qualified candidate, thereby helping you save an unbelievable amount of time and effort!

We hope this article sheds a good deal of light on the importance of hiring a Nanny through a professional agency, as well as will be helpful to the eligible candidates looking for English Speaking Nanny jobs in Barcelona.

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