Production Management Software Makes Capacity Planning Easier Than Ever

Every discrete manufacturer wants to gain greater control on his business. This could be best done with a production management software that connects and streamlines all business processes – and grows along with your business needs. With a production management module, it will give you greater insight into your manufacturing business. You can make well-informed decisions based on real-time data, necessary to drive profitable growth. 

Best ERP Software

Any business management solution can help you handle all your departments, but an enterprise resource planning solution with sales, financials, analytics, CRM, inventory and shop floor management, etc., is the right partner for your manufacturing system. 

Production management system & capacity resource planning:

Production management simply refers to planning, organization and optimization of your manufacturing operations – from raw materials and components into finished goods. It needs you to determine the right quantity, time and cost to produce quality products.

The ultimate goal of production management systems is to help you optimize your manufacturing plant’s efficiency with the current production capacity. This could be done through:

  • Production Control Service
  • Shop Floor Scheduling
  • Cost and Quality Control
  • Maintenance of Machines
  • Capacity Resource Planning

Perfecting your production management is challenging, capacity resource planning makes it less tricky for manufacturers.

Here, we bring you some tried and trusted recommendations to use capacity planning for improved production management. 

Start with investigating high-demand resources:

First and foremost thing is to evaluate your available resources. Not necessarily all of your tangible and intangible resources, but you need to look into the most critical resources that have high demand.   

You do not have to jump too deep into capturing and analyzing the resource information for every team working on the shop floor and production line. Stay easy and don’t rush to the deep-end. Select a few resources and evaluate their utilization potential and work capacity. Start with the resources that are in high demand. Accordingly, you can schedule tasks for individual resources. Production scheduling software can help you in this regard.         

Look into workstations and project estimations:

Resource capacity plan isn’t a new phenomenon, but some new manufacturers in the field may find it tricky. It’s highly advisable for them to never start off by inspecting the individual jobs of resources. Well, this will be the ultimate objective of investigating the performance of your workstations or projects, but begin with a performance check of one workstation at a time.

As you look into a workstation or project estimates and performance, you can easily understand their capacity levels. Now, you need to address this area and after that move to the next workstation until you probe deeper and fix the issues (if there is any) that’s troubling your production management.

Communicate well for improved productivity:

Communication is the key to help your workers to complete their tasks timely and become successfully productive. As you set out to collect employees’ data, you need to convey their performance statistics transparently and humbly to them. Be easygoing unless a resource is not doing the assigned tasks as expected and not taking proper measures to improve his performance.

Let everyone working for you to know and understand what’s expected from them and how it will serve to help others to become more efficient and productive. Get everyone in the business on board and clearly convey your demands and expectations and also the rewards they will be getting on improved productivity. Make them realize how important it is to increase productivity.

Use data to implement good work practices:

With the right production management system, you can capture, analyze and use employee data for improved work practices. You need to record and use this information for further analysis and devising ways to improve your workforce performance and implement effective work practices for enhanced throughput of your production plant.  

You need to collect and utilize your resources information carefully and consistently and use it as a guide to make your resources more productive. Not doing means, your workers will also stop performing as you expect them to do. Moreover, data collection will be considered as a waste of time for the concerned personnel because it’s not being utilized the way it should be for increased production.       

Last but not the least is to teach and guide your workers about future demand forecasting – key to great capacity resource planning. With accurate production demand, you can easily understand how much capacity you need to complete the projects.   

Wrap Up:

Production management is vital for manufacturers to get a greater control over production and all other business operations and responsibilities. Find the right, fully integrated and scalable production planning software to automate your manufacturing jobs besides developing a robust capacity plan. Production management and resource capacity planning goes hand in hand for increased profits and for this the above-mentioned tips will surely help you.

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