The surgical procedure of otoplasty for correcting deformities of the external ear


Sound and the beauty of sound known as �music� are not just a simple term in English vocabulary but also a feeling. A feeling of the music will give you the feeling of life, a feeling of joy that you can enjoy till eternity. 

Ears will help you observe, feel, and listen to what is happening around you and your surroundings. A defect in your ears will snatch away all the sound of life from you. But, nowadays, many ear surgeries have been introduced by the medical experts that can help you in getting back your listening power. 

Otoplasty is a medical procedure that will come under the surgical and non-surgical procedures. Otoplasty aims to correct the defects and deformities of the part of the external ear pinna. It is also known as reconstructive surgery. According to a core medical training report on otoplasty in the United States, in 2018, surgeons carried out 25000 surgeries of otoplasty, and all of them were successful.�

The recovery process will take some time to get things normalized. The dressing which will be applied by the doctor may be problematic for the patient, but it will be removed after some days. The patient may notice soreness for a few days, but it will automatically be cured after some days. 

After the surgery, before you continue with your regular activities and daily routine, do not travel just after the surgery. Take rest for around one month and then get back to work. 

Advantages of otoplasty

  • Correction of prominent ears- in most of the people, the outer part of the ear is positioned properly at an angle of about 25 degrees. If in case, this angle exceeds 35 degrees, then the ears stick out, giving out a bad impact on the facial appearance of the person and leads to hearing problems as well. This surgery will help in positioning the ears and improve facial appearance. 
  • Permanent results- the surgery will get over in 2-3 hours, and the results of the surgery are permanent. Once the post-surgery bandages are removed, the person can get the results of the treatment. 
  • Safe treatment- the treatment of otoplasty has even cured small children safe and has even corrected all the damaged and irregularly shaped ears. And, the risks associated with this surgery are minimal. So, people who are planning to undergo with this surgery can be carefree and do not panic regarding the after-effects of the surgery.
  • You may have changes in the sensation of your skin. Scars due to the surgery can take time but they go or get dull.
  • Stitches are not that problematic. Asymmetrical placement of the ear can take place during the healing process.
  • It can take time in the process of reshaping your ears.

Basic care of your ears after the surgery

The surgery of otoplasty will help correct the deformity of your ears. But, unless and until you recover, you have to take good care of your ears. Try to avoid all the rigorous activities until your ears are fully recovered from the surgery. Try to keep your head elevated. After the treatment, try not to wash your hair with shampoo as the shampoo’s chemical can enter the ears, which is very risky. 

Certain medications are provided by the doctor after the surgery, which helps to alleviate the post-surgical pain. So, make sure to follow the medications properly. 


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