Common Type of Princess Cruise Accidents

Princess cruise ships are reliable for the safety of their passengers. The cruise is legally liable to reimburse the accidental claims if a passenger suffers an injury or hurts onshore excursion. Your princess cruises accident attorneys can explain the legal terms of claim in depth.

If an accident can be avoided by taking preventative measures, you are eligible to sue your cruise ship company. If you are planning to take a cruise trip soon, you just need to understand all the different types of cruise accidents to use the knowledge whenever required.

Different Types of Princess Cruise Accidents

You should contact princess cruises accident attorneys if you have suffered any of the following injuries during your cruise trip.

Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall are some of the common types of cruise accidents that can cause some serious injuries. If a hazardous substance has been left on the deck or other public areas of the ship and no crew member makes efforts to clean or warn the passengers, you are eligible to consult the princess cruises accident attorneys and sue the cruise company.

Apart from the hazardous slip and fall accident, there are plenty of other types of fall accidents on the cruise that are eligible for the claim –

  • When the stairway is poorly designed or built with inadequate material that can lead to falls, resulting in a broken bone, brain trauma, or other dangerous injuries.

  • The deck is maintained poorly, or wet substances freely lay on the deck.

  • Slippery common bathroom floor.

  • Cabin doors shutting too quickly and causing finger pinch.

  • High door sills.

  • Inadequate lighting.

  • Poor maintenance at the poolside or mismanaged waterfronts.

If you have faced any of this situation in cruise due to the lack of crew members services, you can call princess cruises accident attorneys and check how you can sue the cruise company.

Assault on Cruise

If you are attacked on the cruise ship by any crewmember or other passengers, your ship company might be liable if the attack can be avoided or controlled by the company. The common cases of assault on the cruise are –

  • When a crew member attacks the passenger, and the shipping company hasn’t checked the background of the employee, the company will be liable to cover such loss.

  • If one passenger assaults another, the company might be liable if they have prior knowledge of the dispute, but they haven’t done anything to stop it.

  • When a company fails to install adequate security appliances on a cruise that resulted in the criminal assault occurrence, your cruise company will be legally liable.

Alcohol Accidents

As we know that a person is liable for his or her own alcoholic actions, one thing, in this case, is noteworthy that if the cruise crew members provide alcohol to an already intoxicated person or don’t try to warn him/her, they are accountable for the consequences. Moreover, if the cruise promotes excessive alcohol consumption, you can take legal action against them.

Catastrophic Accidents

Your cruise liner company might be legally responsible for catastrophic accidents such as the sinking of a ship or major fires. If the cause of a catastrophic accident is the negligence of a cruise employee, you are eligible to sue your cruise liner company

Shore Accidents

If a cruise liner promotes some highly dangerous shore activities or takes passengers near the shore during tours, you can sue the company without any hassle.

Before getting on board, keep the list of all the common cruise ship accidents handy with you so that you can enjoy your cruise journey without any worry. If possible, stay connected with your attorney to get immediate assistance.

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