Predictions for Digital Marketing 2021

This 2020 almost reaches its final chapter. It was a quite atypical year, the Covid-19 pandemic changed many habits in every way; And this reality did not escape the commercial sphere, where brands and customers had to reinvent themselves to get ahead. Thinking about what is coming next year (as impossible as it may seem), we want to anticipate a little what are the trends and predictions for Digital Marketing.

Surely you think that it is an issue that concerns only marketers, and the truth is that it is not like that.You are also interested, and a lot! Why? Because this way you will be able to be aware of what you can or cannot do to boost your sales, hand in hand with your work team and with the support of a SEO Company in Vadodara.

During this “controversial” year, hyper digitization was suddenly present. How? Teleworking and the use of technologies focused on it were promoted; in the same way, Internet traffic increased, digital purchases reached historical records as in the case of Black Friday worldwide.

That is why the predictions for Digital Marketing 2021 point to trends directly influenced by these factors. One of the topics that will give a lot to talk about is LiveStreaming, through webinars, digital events or live broadcasts through social networks.

Likewise, the Stories format will be further enhanced   on the main social platforms, Instagram and Tok-tok. There is also talk of the reinvention of the advertising sector to correctly measure campaigns. Google Analytics 4 will come to evolve web analytics.

These, among other guidelines, will break through or become even more entrenched to help you make the path that leads to your business easier for your customers. Let’s get to know them in detail:

Live Streaming

The abundance of digital events focused on attracting and maturing potential leads, forcibly displaced physical events (thanks to confinement); And as long as the pandemic does not completely end Live Streaming through webinars or live broadcasts through social networks, they will continue to gain strength. Go ahead and experience it!


Although it was a concept that you quickly adapted to and you got a lot out of it, you will be able to continue to do so. And now, LinkedIn joins this trend to energize social relationships and give greater prominence to creativity.

On the other hand, there is also a different way in which users will get involved and live their own experience. From now on, you will have to start from knowing what you want to tell, and depending on it what you want to provoke and consequently what you want to achieve.

Reinventing the advertising industry

Programmatic advertising makes its entrance here, through channels such as wearables, streaming platforms, online radio and podcast. As well as the limitation of the number of ads on platforms such as Facebook Ads will come in due course (in 2021).

Google Analytics 4

This new version will be aimed at studying the behavior of users, regardless of the digital platforms they use. It will be accompanied by many new features, including the App + Web property, focused on better understanding the customer life cycle.

Other predictions for Digital Marketing that will set the tone

The implementation of looms 5A Marketing. Before there was talk of the 4Ps of Marketing, but it turns out that now the priority is not entirely to sell, but to help users resolve their concerns. In such a way, that the experts predict that the 5A will be integrated by: Provide value to the user, Help the client to solve their problems and needs, anticipate future demands of the target audience, adapt to the buyer person, Automate marketing.

The gaming segment is growing exponentially, to the point that it surpasses even traditional sports. Therefore, the pronounced development of eSports will be felt in 2021; in fact, more and more brands include this channel in their strategies.

The shopping through television or TV shoppable also part of Predictions for Digital Marketing. Pay close attention to this, because there are already different formats with which you can say present; Through secondary purchase screens, which a viewer can access with a click of the control, or even through QR codes to scan with the mobile.

An interesting fusion between augmented reality and artificial intelligence will open the way to a better personalization of the online shopping process. This will allow a transformation of the deliveries and will guarantee a good user experience.

WhatsApp will also bring surprises for you, because Marc Zuckerberg’s messaging application incorporates a shopping option, integrated with the Facebook Shops solution. This tool will undoubtedly become an essential application for the ecommerce sector.

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