Risks Involved In Marrying Without A Pre Matrimonial Investigation

pre matrimonial investigation

Marrying without a pre marriage investigation could well be a recipe for disaster. You should avoid getting into this kind of risky affair where you?re ready to marry without any background check. And why would you do such a silly thing knowing that it doesn?t take much to get a background check done on the prospective bride or groom?

A lot of couples have gone on to experience a whole array of problems in their married life which could easily have been avoided just with a pre matrimonial investigation. From compatibility issues to cultural shock, from abusive relationships to poor family standing in society, a lot can go wrong in marriages done without background check.

Risks are definitely of various types when you plan to marry someone without giving a thought to background check for marriage. And if you want a happy married life, it?s better to consult one of top sleuths of India and benefit from their professional advice and expertise in the matters of matrimonial investigation services.  

Here are some of risks involved in marrying without a proper background check ?

Compatibility Issues

A good marriage is as much about chemistry as it is about compatibility. It may be possible that couples have a good chemistry, particularly early on in their married life when there is a sense of newness, but this may not replicate to compatibility. Being compatible in a relationship boils down to having a sense of care and understanding towards each other, giving value to other person in the relationship and accepting their flaws and warts as they are. With marriage investigation, you could at least be sure about the potential suitor?s character, behavior, social standing etc. which all are vital for compatibility in marriage.       

Cultural Shock

A marriage is also the union of two families with different thought process and outlook on life and other aspects. In some cases, while couples are somewhat comfortable with each other but they find the values and beliefs of the family entirely out of their league. This happens more to brides than to groom as the former have to leave their home and this is how they can experience an entirely different world. Such issues could well be avoided by letting a matrimonial detective agency run a background check on every aspect of the family and provide you all the information you seek before marriage.

Health & Illness Concerns

Good health is one of foundational stones of a happy married life and you?d definitely not want to marry someone who is not fit either physically or mentally. And in matters of marriage, people often hide information about health or illness and nobody in their sane mind would ruin their prospect by divulging details of health. And disaster can happen when you don?t go for pre marriage investigation and end up marrying someone having long history of illness of any type.   

Work & Financial Health   

If you?re a parent to a would-be bride, you might be having genuine concerns about marrying your princess in a family that has financial stability. You may also like the daughter to marry someone who is in a stable job and earns money on a regular basis. You also want to seek union with a family that has sound in terms of money and finances so that any hardship, if ever happens in future, can be handled easily. To get information on all these aspects, it?s important to trust a marriage detective agency and let it dig deep for your cause.  

Previous marriage & affairs

Some family can go as far as hiding the information about their son or daughter?s previous marriage or divorce as they know this could jeopardize their prospects in the marriage market. And even boys and girls don?t like what to divulge and what to hide but this can a huge issue to the other party in the relationship. To avoid such a mess, you can seek help of a detective for marriage and be sure about getting useful information to take informed decisions in the matter of marriage.


It?s quite obvious how getting a pre matrimonial investigation done can lay the brick for a happy married life and it?s something you should give a try to avoid falling into a bad marriage.

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