Benefits of pre-employment background screening services

Why do employers or businesses opt for background checks? Is it simply to verify a candidate�s qualifications or there�s more to it? As you probably know already, a background check is a routine procedure while hiring a new employee in any company. The process offers detailed information on the applicant to ensure a safe and reliable hire. That said, not all companies opt for it causing long-term repercussions. You�d be shocked to know that as many as 60% of applicants lie in their resumes just to make themselves look more appealing to employers. This is where reliable background screening services come in handy.

How do third-party background check services help?

  • Better hire: A survey revealed that by roping in a reliable background screening service, companies said that the quality of their hires improved by about 67%. In fact, background checks helped uncover false information in resumes. About 70% of respondents found some inaccuracy in resumes through background checks. In another study, it was revealed that job seekers who had committed some negative act in the past were the ones most likely to falsify in their resumes. A poor hire could potentially result in legal, financial, and regulatory risks, thus a background check is always of help.
  • Workplace safety: About 40% of survey respondents found background checks a step in the right direction to increase workplace safety and security. So, whether you�re hiring someone new for the organization, or simply following up with your current employees, background checks ensure that your employees always maintain compliance. Employers need to ensure that people being hired for complex positions – that require them to handle confidential company data, can be trusted, and thus background check services are of particular importance in medical, accounting, education, engineering, and manufacturing industries.
  • Better regulatory compliance: By implementing background checks, companies and businesses avoid potential risks of fines and lawsuits in the case of an untoward incident. By roping in the right background check services that have compliance expertise, you can work towards meeting industry standards and state requirements. Without the right employment screening program, companies could face costly fines and other legal damages. 
  • Lowers negligent hiring risks: It is the employer�s duty to make sure that the working environment for employees remains safe and meets compliance guidelines. When an employee hurts or harms another co-worker, and the investigation reveals that the former had a previous record or has always had the propensity for causing such harm, the employers are held accountable on grounds of negligent hiring and not doing enough to check the background of the person. A negligent hiring lawsuit can not only cause reputation damage but may also result in steep fines. In fact, some companies have had to settle negligent hiring lawsuits with tens of millions of dollars.

Our verdict and key takeaway

Applicant background screening has fast become the new norm in today�s business environment, with almost all big and small companies using some means of background check to better screen their applicants. Quite clearly, a well-designed and executed background screening program will certainly improve your employee quality. However, with the current state of things in this pandemic situation, a higher percentage of people have lost their means of livelihood and thus there�s a higher chance of applicants lying in their resumes. This is why companies should seek help from reliable background check services. If you too are looking for a similar service, we�d recommend Smart Screen. The company has been actively helping companies in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific in background screening and is widely considered one of the best. 

Smart Screen focuses on client�s requirements, understands their needs, and provides tailored background screening services that are a complete value for money. They offer quick turnarounds and come up with detailed screening reports with proper references for quick checks and analysis. Their services are competitively priced and are perfect for small and big enterprises, across different industries. Get an exclusive background screening service to make the perfect hiring!

To know more about Smart Screen and its range of services, feel free to get in touch with them at +6012 375 0530. You may even mail them at [email protected]. Your hunt for a reliable background screening service ends here! Connect now.

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