Plus size outfit ideas you must have in your ethnic wardrobe

plus size dresses

In an era where size is just a number, we still hear curvy women facing difficulties looking for plus size outfit ideas to shop as per their fitting. So curating a stylish Indian ethnic wear collection can be strenuous as there are meager options for bigger sizes in the market in comparison to the standard ones. Because let’s face it! Even though plus size style ideas are all over the market, it can be hard to find plus size dresses that are fashionable, modern, and trendy.

However, there are pieces that go with the current plus size fashion ideas. It just requires a bit of research for you to save all the stylish plus size looks the next time you make an appearance. While there are innumerable plus size dresses ideas you can seek inspiration from, Indian outfits are designed in such a way that they tend to flaunt your curves while hiding away your excess. Hence we’ve brought curated plus size outfit ideas for you to effortlessly shop for Indian clothing pieces.

1. Anarkali Kurta as a bestfriend for pear shaped body

While you look perfect wearing fitting dresses and flaunting your curves, several plus size dresses ideas in Indian clothing can save you on occasions that go long or you might have to sit or do any activity, as your body posture might not be poised laying more emphasis on your voluptuous body. So here’s one of the easiest plus size outfit ideas go for a slightly loose Anarkali dress, especially if you have heavier thighs or hips as it will make you look stylish and poised. Avoid heavier or stiff fabrics like organza, cotton, and silk as they add more volume to your body.

2. Angrakha style suits for a customized fitting

Angrakha suits give you the freedom to tighten or loosen the fitting as per your comfort. One of the great plus size outfit ideas, it makes you look fit on your shoulders while letting the rest of your body cover amidst the flares of this salwar kameez. This way you get diverse plus size dresses ideas because you can wear lighter colors, play with dupattas, and even wear loose pants as Angrakha style suits make you use plus size style ideas easily.

3. Cape style if you have broad shoulders

Broad shoulders call for thoughtful plus size dresses ideas because you simply have to style your neckline smartly. Round necks and layered style would make your broad shoulder look more like an asset than going for a boat neck, cold shoulders, and other cold sleeves styles as they drive all the attention towards your shoulders. One of the bookmark-worthy plus size outfit ideas is to keep your top look flowy and loose and round it off with slim-fit bottoms. However, in your don’t section of plus size clothing ideas, add lycra as they are body hugging and will make you uncomfortable.

4. Plus size outfit ideas if it’s your lehenga choli

Indian Lehengas are the best way to hide all your extra carbs and flaunt your curves rightly getting an easy yes in stylish plus size outfit ideas. Wear your lehenga above your navel to cover the broad waist or bulky thighs. The rest of the plus size style ideas is playing smartly with the blouse. Printed, embroidered, and embellished blouses will work magic to shape your heavier bust area, and a kurti style lehenga can cover your waist section making you look stylish and in shape. Go for lightweight fabrics that blend with your body shape instead of adding extra volume to your look. Avoid sleeveless blouses if you have flabby arms.

Taking notes and summarizing all the plus size outfit ideas for you brings us to the conclusion that flowy and flare plus size dresses ideas bring comfort and look stylish. Style smartly, for eg, if you have bulky thighs shift all the attention towards the waist and shoulders, and vice versa if you have broad shoulders or flabby arms. For your plus size casual outfit ideas, pick darker colors, avoid big neckpieces, or add a bracelet or watch to make your arms look in shape.

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