13 Plastic based business ideas

plastic based business ideas

Are you looking for profitable plastic best small business blogsor ideas? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. What is basically a polymer? Polymers consist of around 70% petrochemicals. Plastic based business has become the latest business trendin today’s era.

The plastic based business provides financially viable business ideas to new entrepreneur blogs.Are you in search of plastic based business through an online business blog?

If you are in the urge to start a plastic based business, here are some of the best business blogs or ideas that would help you to search for the best business idea, which matches your eligibility.

1.Acrylic Buttons Manufacturing business

Nowadays people look for trendy outfits, so as the demand for garments is increasing, demand for Acrylic buttons is also increasing. In the last few years, the growth of the acrylic buttons industry has increased and the buttons are consumed very much. So, if you are searching for a plastic based business idea then this business can be very profitable.

2.Air Bubble packaging wrapper business

All must be aware of air bubble packaging wrappers. Right! This material is wrapped on electronic items to protect them and acts as cushioning material. This material has reached the potential of the market, so don’t worry about the market demand of the product. It is one of the low cost businesses which can be started from home also.

3.Blow moulded plastic product manufacturing

In this process plastic is moulded and passing air into it. Many household items like mug, bucket, jugs, etc are prepared by this process only. And the household products are in great demand, the result of this business idea is very high. It is also a very profitable plastic based business idea. This is also one of the small business ideas in Kerala also.

4.Disposable plastic syringe making business

Using disposable plastic syringe medicine is injected into the body of humans and then it is disposed of. The consumption of this syringe is high and in today’s era it is becoming popular because of its high accuracy and low cost. You don’t need any knowledge related to medicine in the manufacture of this syringe. Anyone can start this business with low capital, but you need a proper marketing strategy to set up this business.

5.Drinking straw manufacturing business

Straws are used to drink cold drinks, juice, and many other drinking items, and has become one of the most essential items of the drinking industry. Wherever you go like in parties, weddings, etc, and you always see

drinks are served with straw. This business is very simple and is flourishing with the passing days. You can start this business with few machines.

6.Pet bottles manufacturing business

Another good idea for plastic based business. To make pet bottles, polymer is used, which has become twice in the last 5 years and will go much higher in the coming days. The products have a very high consumption rate.

7.Plastic Jerry cans making business

Plastic Jerry cans are one of the essential items in the plastic industry, which are used to store and pack liquid material. If you are thinking of starting this business then plastic Jerry cans making business can be suitable to start. But, you need to know the requirements of customers, as this business runs on customer’s needs.

8.Plastic toothpicks production business

Nowadays toothpicks are also in much demand, and used for tooth picking. You can find these in every hotel and restaurant, it is found in every home also. Anyone can start this business with few automatic machines.

9.PVC coated electric wire business

PVC wires are used for internal wiring for lighting purposes for houses. This item is the most consuming item because of its tensile strength, flexibility, conductivity etc. This business is in great demand, so if you are thinking of starting this business then it will be very profitable for you.

10.PVC  insulation tape business

PVC insulation tapes are used for insulation of electricity, should be water resistant, oil resistant, and temperature resistant. Every work of electricity needs insulation tape, therefore, the demand of PVC insulation tapes is always there in the market. This business can be proven very profitable as the potential is high.

11.PVC pipe manufacturing

PVC pipes are becoming in great demand nowadays as they consume less time and pipes are easily fitted. Even the pipes are corrosion resistant. If you want to start this business then it is proven to be the best idea.

12.Raincoat manufacturing

Raincoat is mostly needed in the rainy season and is made of cellulose acetate. This is the product which is used as a protective shield against rain. You can start this business but with a unique and proper marketing strategy.

13.Plastic water storage tank business

Plastic storage tanks are made up of stainless steel, and have advantages over traditional storage tanks. It provides great strength, it is corrosion resistant, etc. If you start this business it would give high profit on low investment.


These are some of the business blogs Indiawhich are related with the business of plastic. So, choose any one from the ideas and head on towards that. Decide the business idea which suits you, or in which you are comfortable to do. It’s your choice.

Plastic is used in various industries like the drinking industry, electrical, and many more. So, it would be great to start a business in plastics. It is not so easy to start any business, first you need to make a proper search on business ideas then have to select one one which you can put great efforts into. And in the last, should be very creative and should plan proper, unique marketing strategy so that your business gets flourished.

What are you waiting for? Select one idea and put your efforts in it to make it profitable. Go on with the best idea.

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