Plant-Based Protein Recipes

protein recipes

Switching over to being vegetarian or vegan can be a difficult journey because a lot of meat substitutes can be expensive or flavorless. The best way to enjoy your new diet is to find recipes that taste good and satisfy your new diet. Here is a list of some of the best plant-based protein recipes

Eggplant parmesan

This is a tried and true favorite of non-meat eaters, and it is so easy to make! It has a lot of the same flavors as chicken parmesan, but it is now meatless. There are so many recipes online that will suit your particular tastes.

Sesame tofu

Chinese food doesn?t have to be cut out of your diet completely, because a lot of it can be substituted for tofu, vegetables, or meat substitutes. Sesame chicken can now be made vegetarian, so maybe the next time you?re craving Chinese food, you?ll make this recipe.

Sweet and Sour tempeh

Similar to the sesame tofu, now you can enjoy sweet and sour chicken but made meat-free! It can be made with a lot of vegetables and different spices, so it can be customized to your specific preferences.

Peanut butter protein balls

If you?re craving sweets and want them to be more plant-based, we recommend making these little protein-packed sweet treats. They can be customized to be different flavors, but the best one is peanut butter and chocolate! They can be changed to fit any flavor profile, can be decorated for parties or holidays, and are protein-packed snacks that are great for people on the go!

Quinoa Buddha bowls

Buddha bowls are amazing because they can be so diverse and are so healthy! They usually include an assortment of vegetables, any form of protein, a staple carb like rice or quinoa, and a sauce to bring it all together. They can be made in batches for all of those meal-preppers out there, and they?re all really easy to make. They can be made to be hot or cold, depending on your preference and the season. They also can be modified so you can include what you need and what you like. These are great options and can be very easily changed to be vegetarian or vegan.

Burrito bowls

These are similar to buddha bowls in the sense that they can be easily modified to fit your preferences and dietary needs. A common misconception is that it is difficult to make a burrito or a burrito bowl to be meat-less, but that simply is not true! You can have it just be veggie-based, or you can use tofu, tempeh, or seitan as your meat substitute. As long as you season it well and include other ingredients, your plant-based protein burrito bowl will be amazing.

Lentil soup

Lentils have a lot of protein in them, so what else would be better than to make them into a soup? Lentils have a distinct and unique flavor that can be easily seasoned to match other parts of your dish, or it can be the highlight of it. We recommend using lentils and other assorted beans and vegetables to create a chili. Chili doesn?t necessarily need to have meat in it, so you can opt-out of this entirely, but lentils in chili is an amazing combination that nearly anyone will love.

Tofu breakfast burritos

What kind of list would this be without any breakfast options? You can take a normal breakfast burrito and turn it into something vegetarian or vegan! If you want to avoid eggs, there are vegan egg substitutes. You can use any meat alternative, like tofu, to substitute the meat that is usually in breakfast burritos.

Stir fry

This is a classic dish that can easily avoid including meat. You can make it with just rice and vegetables, as well as add any meat substitutes. It is really easy to make a stir fry, so it requires a low cooking skill. It is another dish that can be easily modified to fit whatever it is that you?re looking for.

Braised tofu

This is a versatile dish that can be modified to be almost anything. It is all about the seasoning here, so this can fit an Indian meal, a Chinese meal, a Tex-Mex style meal, or anything you can come up with. It is so easy to make once you have your list of seasonings figured out. It can be a stand-alone or the centerpiece to a huge feast. Braised tofu can be your next go-to for any meal.

Ultimately, there are so many different types of meatless recipe options out there on the internet. Whether you?re new to the world of vegetarianism or veganism, these recipes are sure to satisfy your hunger. Remember that the main aspect of a successful plant-based meal is the proper seasoning. There are more recipes beyond the ones on this list, so if you can dream it, there is probably a recipe out there for it. Also, don?t be scared to experiment with cooking, you never know what you could come up with.

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